New Granular Synth Designed For Live Use, The Jellyfish

MiMU has introduced The Jellyfish, a live-input granular synthesis engine for Mac & Windows.

The Jellyfish lets you live-record your voice or instruments and then use the audio to create drones, soundscapes and pulses in real-time.


  • Granular synthesis engine: create new sounds from real audio
  • Live record your voice or instrument and turn it into a soundscape
  • Drag and drop your favourite sounds to use them as source audio
  • MIDI-map to audio markers to create new instruments
  • Audio Unit, VST3 and standalone. Mac and Windows.
  • Save your patches to presets and use the built-in audio library

Pricing and Availablity

The Jellyfish is available now for £99.

One thought on “New Granular Synth Designed For Live Use, The Jellyfish

  1. This is pretty solid. Grabbed it last week. I use bitwig and the sampler has been my granulizer for some time now. The drone option is a blessing since there is no notes to trigger/retrigger, just pop something in, let it drone and tweak an external control and record the output. I’m sure it can be done elsewhere but im all about simplicity when it comes to plugins. Tons of knobs, mod matrix, and a whole bunch of popup menus is never pleasing.

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