STG Soundlabs muSonics & MooSonics MU Modules (Sneak Preview)

At Knobcon 2022, modular maker STG Soundlabs shared a sneak preview of two new lines of MU modules:

  • muSonicsthese modules appear to be modern takes on classic Moog modular designs. STG was showing an updated take on the Moog 902 VCA, and it sounds like additional modules are planned for this line.
  • MooSonics – this line of modules is designed to offer inexpensive, DIY ‘bread and butter’ modules, while also having a little fun with the MU format. The modules shown include Multiples, Attenuators and Vanilla Mixer.

Details on the new module are still to be announced at the STG site.

2 thoughts on “STG Soundlabs muSonics & MooSonics MU Modules (Sneak Preview)

  1. This is great to see. STG modules are top shelf, so I’d expect these to be excellent also.

    It looks like Dotcom is back in business, but it will be very good to have more choice for basic modules. I’m especially interested in the MooSonics modules – I hope the details on pricing and the modules available will be shared soon.

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