Ableton Announces Full Lineup, ‘Get Together’ Theme For Free Loop Create Event For Music Makers

Ableton has announced the full lineup for their online event Loop Create, taking place October 29, 2022 at 4pm (Berlin/UTC+2).

Loop Create is free to attend and will be hosted on Ableton’s own site for Loop events. Those interested can register on the site now to take part.

The program will run for six and a half hours and consists of a variety of sessions and activities in different formats. This year’s edition is curated around the central theme ‘Get Together.’ The event will explore the ways people can pool their talents and ideas in collaborations, cooperate with each other to do things they couldn’t do on their own, and add their voices to collective forms of creation.

Film composer and cellist Hildur Guðnadóttir will join her long-term collaborator Sam Slater for an opening keynote interview, where they’ll discuss rewarding and satisfying musical encounters and the importance of listening in creative partnerships.

Sound artist and guitarist Maya Shenfeld will guide a workshop on using written instructions to create an open-minded and democratic mood in the studio.

DJ and producer Gafacci will open up about his creative process, best practices and perspectives on studio collaboration. He’ll accept questions from the audience in a conversation moderated by his friend and collaborator Juba.

Audience participation.

Producers Aquarian and Mustelide will take on a challenge to help one another move forward with loops they’re stuck on. The audience will be invited to download the same material to work on and submit their contributions for discussion. Between sessions, attendees can join the Loop Cafe, a virtual hangout space for chatting and sharing ideas.

The full schedule and detailed descriptions of each Loop Create session will be released on October 11.

In the meantime, participants can register now for the free October 29 Loop Create event on the Ableton Loop website.

4 thoughts on “Ableton Announces Full Lineup, ‘Get Together’ Theme For Free Loop Create Event For Music Makers

    1. There are more than half a million Live users. Who do you think represents them?

      Your comment also suggests that you have no idea what the Loop events are about.

      Hint: They’re 100% not about using Live.

      1. Didn’t realise there were that many users now! It’s great to see how the user base has grown, and particularly that we all use Ableton in so many different ways. You just have to look through their growing collection of ‘One Thing’ videos to see that.

        We all have something to offer and lots to learn from each other, which for me is the essence of what Loop is about. I have no doubt it will be the same this year too.

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