Artisan Electronics Iliad Synthesizer Sneak Preview At Knobcon 2022

At Knobcon 2022, Artisan Electronics was previewing Iliad – a new polyphonic synthesizer, based on their Nucleus monophonic synthesizer voice.

Iliad is a boutique polysynth design that builds on Artisan Electronic’s Nucleus voice card. Iliad is designed to be built-to-order, and can be customized to have from four to 16 voices.

The Nucleus voice is a hybrid analog + digital design, featuring two analog oscillators and a digital one, to allow for a wide range of sonic options. Wavefolding and a sub-oscillator offer additional sonic flexibility. An 8-pole multimode filter, 4 LFOs and 4 envelope generators – along with extensive modulation options – make the Nucleus synth voice very powerful.

These are packaged together into a knobtacular 49-note keyboard, making the Iliad immediate and easy to program. The Iliad also offers a digital effects section with reverb, delay and more.

Pricing and Availability

Details are still to come at the Artisan Electronics site.

6 thoughts on “Artisan Electronics Iliad Synthesizer Sneak Preview At Knobcon 2022

  1. It would have been nice to have heard what it sounds like. Also, I didn’t catch (if it was mentioned) whose keybed they were using, but I assume Fatar. A four voice with a 61-key keybed for about $3600 would be reasonable, depending on how it sounds. At that price with a custom build, I might seriously consider this synth. It kind of makes the OB-X8 sound a little silly, price wise (even if doubling the voices brings it into the $4200 price range), given the features and the programmability.

    1. He did mention Fatar – specifically that he’d like to have access to their poly-AT keyboard. From that one would assume it’s built on a Fatar keyed. Also he played a few notes on it, probably just to show that it actually makes sound, but spent more time talking about the philosophy of the instrument.

      I do like the “spend a little more and get something customized” concept, making Artisan like a luthier of synthesizers. For example the synth has 4 envelope generators, but I’d never get along with the panel layout where each envelope’s controls are in a column. For me ADSR controls should be left-to-right rather than top-to-bottom, and it sounds like that’s the kind of customization he would be happy to do.

      I hope he is successful with this business model.

    2. Each additional Iliad voice is $400, so an eight voice would cost $5,200, equal to the OB=X8. Sixteen voices is $8,400, or Moog One 16 altitude. From Demo 1 video, the sound is about comparable to software synths that I have installed. Pass.

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