Free Update Brings Song Mode To Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone

Elektron today announced a huge free update for owners of the Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone & Digitone KeysSong Mode.

For some, it may be a “Hell freezes over” moment, because Song Mode has been one of the most popular feature requests for these devices.

Here’s what Elektron has to say about it:

“It’s fair to say that Song Mode has been a somewhat generously requested addition to the Digi Trinity, and we’re delighted to bring this powerful feature to those machines.

Song Mode lets you create, edit, and play compositions made up of dozens of your patterns. This makes it a hugely useful feature for all kinds of scenarios and for all kinds of artists.

Want to have a deeply customizable backing track, leaving your hands free for other sweet gear? That’s now possible. And so much more. Extend beyond the limits of the 64-step sequencer, giving you the possibility of longer phrases. Create entire set-lists in a single song, and use it as the springboard for your wicked performance, going off-piste whenever it feels right. Sequence external devices and have them dancing to Song Mode’s tune, turning the Digis into fully-fledged MIDI beasts.

There are also plenty of creative tricks to explore as well, ensuring that hitting play is only the beginning of Song Mode’s potential.

Song Mode may be the show stealer, but we also have a bunch more excellent features landing across the Digis. There’s Portamento, Legato, and global FX/mix coming to Syntakt, and Keyboard Fold and a wider range of scales arriving on Digitakt and the Digitones. For a full list of new features, improvements, and squashed bugs, please check the release notes.”

The update continues Elektron’s tradition of releasing massive free updates for established products, like adding a polyphonic mode to the Analog Four/Analog Keys; adding trig conditions to the Octatrack; and introducing Overbridge.

The free OS updates are available now.

13 thoughts on “Free Update Brings Song Mode To Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone

  1. Seriously grateful for the feature update, but it sucks for the people who bought it, waited a few years, and then sold it because no update had addressed this before now.

    1. Lol!! The usual, fun-loving crowd here on Synthtopia, eh? I think the old Digitakt was a great product (which is why I didn’t sell mine), and I think it’s only made better with the update. It still sucks for folks who sold theirs because it was lacking the feature, though…

  2. Very useful update! For me it will enable to use them more as standalone device for making a song. Until now i resorted to use a computer for that. I always missed the song mode in them because it will keep me away from the computer a bit longer.

  3. A very welcome update with several new features along with song mode, also there’s a new version of Transfer and a new Overbridge.

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