Native Instruments Releases KOMPLETE 14, KONTAKT 7, & CHOIR: OMNIA

Native Instruments has released a major update to its flagship production suite, KOMPLETE 14.

Now available in NI’s online shop, it features KOMPLETE’s most extensive range of sounds.

KOMPLETE 14 is available in four different sizes – SELECT, STANDARD, ULTIMATE, and COLLECTOR’S EDITION, the last being a comprehensive offering of 145+ instruments, 100+ Expansions, and over 135,000 sounds.

Included in KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above, KONTAKT 7 offers a huge library of sounds, alongside iZotope’s all-new mastering tool, Ozone 10 Standard, which assists in putting the finishing touches on any production.

More new additions come via an array of synths and effects from Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, as well as the CHOIR: OMNIA sample library, included in the KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR’S EDITION.

KONTAKT 7 is the next evolution of the world’s favorite sampler. Included with KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above, KONTAKT 7 features a refreshed HiDPI Factory library, with new instruments ranging from an orchestral section from Orchestral Tools to rare analog synths and everything in-between. An enhanced HiDPI browser offers fast access to filter and preview the largest selection of sampled instruments around, including global text search and editable filters for searching sounds. KONTAKT 7 also includes under-the-hood audio improvements and the new effects Psyche Delay and Ring Modulator from GUITAR RIG 6 PRO.

Pricing and Availability

KOMPLETE 14 is available now, while KONTAKT 7 and CHOIR: OMNIA will be available as separate products from October 4th, 2022, all at the Native Instruments online shop.


EUR 199 / USD 199 / YEN 26800 / GBP 179 / AUD 299 / CAD 259 / CHF 209 / CNY 1399


EUR 599 / USD 599 / YEN 80600 / GBP 539 / AUD 899 / CAD 779 / CHF 629 / CNY 4199


EUR 1199 / USD 1199 / YEN 161300 / GBP 1079 / AUD 1799 / CAD 1559 / CHF 1259 / CNY 8399


EUR 1799 / USD 1799 / YEN 242000 / GBP 1619 / AUD 2699 / CAD 2339 / CHF 1889 / CNY 12599


EUR 299 / USD 299 / YEN 40300 / GBP 269 / AUD 449 / CAD 389 / CHF 314 / CNY 2399

To find out more about the KOMPLETE 14 suite, check out the full product descriptions on the Native Instruments site and shop, or follow along with Red Means Recording in this video as he explores all of the latest additions in depth.

14 thoughts on “Native Instruments Releases KOMPLETE 14, KONTAKT 7, & CHOIR: OMNIA

  1. This is pretty exciting, Komplete is my main source of sounds – Super8, which I don’t currently own, is probably worth the upgrade price from Komplete 12 for me… I may wait till this summer when I have more time off my day job to learn new software and when NI typically runs a sale… but lots of good software in here… it might be hard to wait that long…

  2. Very bummed that there’s not a replacement for Absynth or an innovative new engine. Kontakt is great but its hard to justify upgrading just for all the sound libraries I’ll never use. I’m thinking of downgrading if they don’t make it too sticky or impossible to do so.

    1. Did you not read the article?

      “KOMPLETE 14 is available now, while KONTAKT 7 and CHOIR: OMNIA will be available as separate products from October 4th, 2022, “

  3. To paraphrase KVR forums user:

    “I got my offer yesterday. i walked thru the offerings and i saw loops n samples,
    and then MORE loops n samples and after i while at the end of the offer there where…loops and samples.
    lmao and closed the website”

    How sadly true this statement is 🙁
    I am currently on ver.12 Ultimate and there is absolutely nothing in ver.14 that will make me pay for this so called upgrade…
    To make matters worse NI removed Absynth from their portfolio and did not bother to update any synths to Apple AS 🙁

  4. This looks like 100% marketing rubbish from NI. What is actually different or improved from Kontakt 6 to Kontakt 7? I see “new HiDPI Factory Library” and Two new effects – Psyche Delay and Ring Modulator, plus a bunch of tweaks and bug fixes that should have been part of Kontakt 6.7.2 or 6.8x anyway. The screen STILL does not redraw and expand fully on Mac. WTF?

  5. Wow, “145+ instruments… and over 135,000 sounds.” Does it come with a spare lifetime for becoming even halfway familiar with it all? It feels a bit like Omnisphere, where things are so broad, it pushes aside the need for much else. That also cheats you a bit, because you won’t have as varied a setup, with all of the unique creative quirks that can provide. Not that you can’t add new pieces, but Kontakt alone is downright Godzilloid.

    Komplete is the biggest set of presets with a skin around them in the industry. I can’t fault anyone for milking that when I’m a search-&-tweaker myself, but dayam, that’s a mega-mountain of instruments.

  6. Native Instruments will now be milking their inventive years for the sake of private equity. The sale is now noticeable in all brands that it concerned. Izotope earlier killed off Ozone standalone and the updates on other products are all paid, but very minor. The fact that they don’t include the only product that would make it necessary to update KONTAKT, is sad. I expect more and more cheaply made sample packs, and less real development.
    Absynth is still a commonly used tool for me and a lot of other composers. Ozone standalone was used by numerous professionals. Their target audience seems to be the people who own stock, not the users.
    I always thought Avid provided the most horrible prospect of a company wrecking their own product, but I hurts to see that they have company now.

  7. “Native InstrumentS” implies more than one instrument. They should just rename their company “Kontakt” since that’s basically the only instrument they care to provide ongoing long-term support for. Yeah, there’s Massive X and Playbox and a few other stragglers that will likely end up on the chopping block with everything else they plan to cut from their product line. But all their best stuff has already been tossed in the “Classics Collection” a.k.a. “Anything That Isn’t Kontakt”.

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