New Reverb Shop Supports The Moogseum

The Official Moogseum Reverb Shop

The Bob Moog Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Bob Moog – has announced an Official Moogseum Reverb Shop, where you can buy used gear and help support the Moogseum.

All profits from the Shop will go to supporting the mission of the Moogseum.

The Moogseum – an Asheville, NC museum that brings synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog’s legacy to life – is one of the key projects of The Bob Moog Foundation.

Moogseum supporters have donated a variety of gear for the store’s launch, including:

  • ARP Omni-2 Analog String Synthesizer heard on composer Michael Whalen‘s “Sacred Spaces” and “Future Shock”
  • ARP Odyssey Analog Synth
  • The rare, hard-to-find Ibanez AD-230, an analog effect device made famous by Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, Steve Miller, and others
  • Roland AX-Edge keytar
  • Apollo Twin audio interface

If you’ve got gear that you’re not using, you can donate it to the Moogseum to help support their mission. Donating gear offers multiple benefits:

  • Convenience: Reverb and the Moogseum take care of sale logistics, including issuing a call tag for shipment, if needed. All donors need to do is pack up their synth.
  • Tax savings: Donors will receive a formal acknowledgment from the Moogseum for their in-kind donation. They can then take a tax write-off for the total value of the instrument, which they can assign after consulting with a tax advisor.
  • Make a difference: Support the Moogseum – profits go toward its mission of inspiring children and adults through at intersection of science, music and technology.

5 thoughts on “New Reverb Shop Supports The Moogseum

  1. Reverb does it again: We’re not an evil company. Look, we’re doing philanthropy!

    F*** Reverb & their phony virtue-signaling. They’ll hire you to write sharticles for their blog, refuse to pay you even after publishing, and then suspend your seller’s account indefinitely during a pandemic. Reverb cheated me out of thousand of dollars. What clowns.

    1. If you want anybody to care, you should share the details of how they ‘cheated you out of thousands of dollars’.

      I’ve had nothing but great experiences with using Reverb, and trust the platform WAY more than eBay. I have had several bad eBay experiences, and their problem resolution process is pretty worthless.

      Every now and then, I get lucky with local Craigslist and FB Marketplace deals, but other than that, it’s Reverb.

  2. I only use Reverb to sell my gear at rediculious high prices and it works like a charm.
    If I tried that in my home country I might get halve at best.

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