Modal Electronics COBALT8 Firmware v2 Adds ‘Vintage’ Option, 27 Filter Types, 14 New Effects & More

Modal Electronics has released a free firmware update for their COBALT8 line of synthesizers, extending the synth’s engine with a new ‘Vintage’ parameter and Oscillator Free Run, 27 new filter types, 14 effects & more.

Here’s what’s new in COBALT8 Firmware v2:

The update adds the new Vintage parameter and Oscillator Free Run, to more accurately emulate classic analog synths’ sound. The Vintage setting models the behavior of vintage synths’ technical imperfections, where certain tuning and other variations were introduced into the sound generation. Oscillator Free Run more accurately models traditional analog oscillators. Modal says that classic synth sounds are more alive with the addition of these parameters, so that every key press is slightly different than the one before.

27 new filter types increase the COBALT8’s already impressive arsenal for creative sound design. The list includes 2-Pole State Variable Filters, various Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass Ladder Filters with drive, combinations of traditional filter types with Notch characteristics, and more. For all new filter types featuring Drive, the Morph control allows for dialing in the right filter drive amount to taste.

A new Cutoff Scaling patch parameter unlocks improved filter cutoff behavior with three distinctive modes to expand your sound design options. Note-to-Cutoff Scaling can now track with full accuracy in one of two new modes; Relative, and Bipolar. These modes can be tailored to match your preferences on a per-patch basis. The original note-to-cutoff characteristics remain available in Legacy mode.

COBALT8 Firmware v2 also includes 14 powerful new effects. The V2 Reverb is great for adding a little bit of space to a sound, huge near-infinite reverbs, and everything in-between. Other effects options include Phaser v2, Compressor, Three-Band EQ, Unisoniser, Utility and additional Drive effects.

With the new firmware, the programmable Arpeggiator receives new Arp Directions. The update also improves the capabilities of the OLED display, the Audio In quality, the gain staging of the audio output and more.

COBALT8 Firmware v2 is available now as a free update, via Modal’s MODALapp software.

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