Future Retro Is Back, With New Management

Future Retro – which recently announced that it was closing after 25 years – has announced that it is coming back, with new management.

In a post on Facebook, they say:

“Website is currently down but we are working to repair this. We should be shipping Vectra synthesizers by December. Transient, Trax, and Midi Buss forthcoming. New team, big plans, new products and re-releases. Stay tuned!”

The company says that founder Jered Flickinger is no longer involved in day-to-day operations, but they hope to keep him involved as part of the design team and do not want to change the company’s brand in any way.

Future Retro is known for classic analog synths like the 777, the Retro XS and the Revolution; sequencers like the Mobius and Orb; and more recently, Eurorack modules like the Trax.

They plan on shipping Vectra synthesizers by December, with Transient, Trax, and Midi Buss to follow. Details are still to come at the company website.

8 thoughts on “Future Retro Is Back, With New Management

    1. oh that would be nice:) the 777 always struck me as a real gem… and there were reportedly only 777 of them built originally.

      glad to hear FR is back:) now just to get WMD back and Hexinverter and all the rest – let’s not let this sad modern world get us down. synth-heads unite!8)

  1. Fantastic! Jered’s designs are up there with the some of the best in the synth business, many still unknown brilliant gems, he’s always seems to be on the cutting edge.

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