MOD Devices Returns As MOD Audio

MOD Audio Dwarf

MOD Devices has ‘rebooted’, after declaring itself insolvent earlier in the year.

As of October 13th 2022, MOD Audio UG is the official owner of all assets from the insolvent MOD Devices GmbH. The new entity was co-founded by Gianfranco Ceccolini and Andreas Umland.

The new MOD Audio UG focuses on the MOD Dwarf foot pedal for the guitar & bass audiences. Former devices – MOD Duo and Duo X – continue to be supported. The company says that it also is committed the fulfillment of still outstanding crowdfunded units from the MOD Dwarf campaign that happened in early 2020.

During October, the team at MOD Audio is working on bringing the cloud services of the platform back online – namely the Plugin Store and the Pedalboard Feed. Relaunching their production supply chain, MOD Audio plans to ship the MOD Dwarf again to dealers and crowdfunding backers in November.

See the company site for details

3 thoughts on “MOD Devices Returns As MOD Audio

  1. I’m glad it worked out for them. I sold my Mod Duo X about a week before finding out about the possible shutdown. Sounds like a good move to focus on a single product.

  2. I hope they manage to fulfilment the backers, I backed the kickstarter campaign and has soon been waiting 2 years, I didn’t find it very funny to see them being sold 2nd hand on Reverb and knowing that I have still not received my. The result is that I will never support a Crowdfunding project again after this experience,

  3. They will be dead again in a year. This is not a sustainable business or product. I’m glad I received and sold my unit before it all fell apart.

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