Intuitive Instruments Intros Exquis Expressive MIDI & CV Controller

Intuitive Instruments (formally Dualo) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the Exquis, a expressive MPE controller that features a hexagonal isomorphic keyboard, MIDI In/Out, CV/Gate out for controlling analog gear, and a variety of configurable controls.

The Exquis features 54 expressive pads, 4 clickable endless knob controllers, a touch slider & 6 configurable buttons. The pads give you continuous per-note control over pressure and pitch. The Exquis application – available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux an Raspberry Pi OS – is designed to be the perfect companion for the keyboard, as well as a MIDI-compatible DAW.

Pricing and Availability

The Exquis is available to project backers starting at about $155 USD.

Note that crowdfunded projects involve risk, which is documented at the project site.

21 thoughts on “Intuitive Instruments Intros Exquis Expressive MIDI & CV Controller

    1. Because it is. I’ve owned two du-touch (an L and a S) and the dualo layout never convinced me. I find it very cumbersome and annoying to play.

      However, there’s a hidden gem in there. One the company never communicate about for reasons beyond me. They call it the universal layout. It’s one semi-tone up and 2 semi-tones across. So simple and yet incredibly powerful. It’s very fluid and enjoyable under the fingers.

      And I use it to teach music theory to absolute beginners and actual music teachers alike. And they’re all in awe. “why didn’t anyone tell me it was so simple?” they say. Or “why the… did I waste so many years in music school torturing my brain around music theory? All these years…. and yet it’s so simple!”

      And then they’re so grateful… to me! I think that’s really funny. I didn’t invent anything, just explored Intuitive Instruments amazing keyboard. But hey, I’ll take the thanks alright šŸ™‚

  1. Hmm, sort of the size of a huge tablet. To me, it would have made more sense being the size of a smartphone, as we’re so used to that device’s size. Seeing it being played, it makes me want to hold it, instead of placing it on a surface.

    1. Itā€™s designed as a performance instrument, so making it smaller would probably reduce playability. It appears to only cover 3 octaves with small pads in this form. That & thereā€™s nothing stopping a user from playing it the way you described.

  2. Very interesting! It’s always great to have alternatives to ye olde piano keyboard. If they actually manage to offer these for 230 bucks, I want one.

    1. Hi Dacci,
      Then you should consider getting one on Kickstarter, because as we have already hit the 60kā‚¬, this is going to happen!

    2. Same here!!!

      Actually, I’m getting 2. For a start. I can’t wait to teach with two keyboards and play musical riddles with my students.I already do it on my dualo, but we end up playing in different octaves. It’s ok because it trains their ears across various octaves all at once, but I can’t wait to have a lot more control over because of the two separate keyboards mean a wide range of possible configs!

      Are they 230 bucks now? I know us froggies got dibs on the super early bird ks special, but I thought there were some left?

  3. Likely to become my favourite MPE controller. Especially now, with Sensel (and ROLI) out of the sceneā€¦
    The fact that the layout is customizable can make it particularly useful. (User Ā«ClarinetteĀ» praises the isomorphic ā€œuniversalā€ layout, for the du-touch which precedes this one.)
    The dev sounds like someone who gets it.
    The split between hardware and software might save this one from the problems plaguing crowdfunded instruments. (With good hardware dragged behind by incomplete software implementations.)

    1. User Clarinette is indeed very very fond of the universal layout. And it’s beyond me why Intuitive Instruments never bothered to communicate about it, nor even properly look into it. The universal layout is like a gem of an easter egg, hidden even from them.

      Maybe one day, they’ll be intrigued. Hopefully before their competition looks into it and runs with the idea. I would find it sad if they turned into the Xerox engineers watching some Steve Jobs revolutionizing the music teaching world… with the part of their invention they never paid attention to!

      But if they did… well it would mean someone in the industry takes music teaching seriously at last. And makes instruments carefully crafted around the needs of the aspiring musician. And that would be great news!

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  4. Dear all,
    we are very happy to announce Exquis is the winner of 2023 MIDI Innovation Awards!
    Exquis has been chosen in front of Roland Aerophone Pro AE30 and InstaChord IC-31 by an impressively famous jury composed by Roger Linn, Nina Richards, Bian Liunian, Pedro Eustache, Jean-Michel Jarre and Michele Darlin.

    We are so proud for this strong recognition of our work!

  5. I WANT to use it for 2 or 3 synth tracks ,so please tell us how do you change midi channel? I look in your web site,on user guide ,cannot find answer? On the apps i only see general midiĀ ??because if you ca t change Midi Channel then it is useless to me and to many;;; Please tell us how to change the midi canal on the hardwareĀ ?? ;since order is on the way. Thank you

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