Cycling ’74 Teases Something New – RNBO

Cycling ’74 – developers of Max, Max For Live and other media tools – is teasing something new.

They’ve released a series of videos, showing audio applications running on a variety of devices. The first video, above, features sound from a Blokas Pisound/Raspberry PI.

The second video, below, shows audio being processed on a laptop with what appears to be a custom VST3:

The latest teaser shows a web based audio application, tagged #madewithrnbo, running on an iPad:

You can try this yourself by checking out the RNBO Twitter page or directly at the Cycling ’74 site. ‘RNBO’ is a recently registered trademark of the company.

Got ideas on what they’re introducing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Cycling ’74 Teases Something New – RNBO

  1. Not sure what the hell it is but look’s intriguing for some interesting audio applications ina manner
    that could be use(d)full(y) folks.

  2. Love my PiSound and think it’s an underused platform. I use mine full time running Modep for a virtual effects pedalboard. But I’m glad I bought a second to experiment with and am looking forward to this. Hope the new max update is very MPE focused.

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