CME Introduces New MIDI Solutions

CME has introduced a collection of new MIDI solutions that they say “break down the barriers between smart devices and traditional MIDI hardware”.

CME U6MIDI Pro – Retail: US$ 49.99


  • Plug-and-play USB MIDI interface
  • Standalone 3-in-3-out MIDI interface
  • Advanced MIDI routing and filtering software

CME MIDI Thru5 WC – Retail: US$ 39.99


  • 1-in-5-out MIDI Thru/Split
  • Optional Bluetooth MIDI via WIDI Core
  • Near-zero latency and jitter by using the best components

CME WIDI Core (N/XN) – Retail: US$ 29.99


  • BLE MIDI breakout board for DIY and MIDI developers
  • Ultra-low 3ms latency
  • 20m/65ft plain sight range

CME WIDI Thru6 BT – Retail: US$ 69.99


  • 2-in-6-out MIDI Thru/Split
  • 1-in-5-out MIDI I/O + 1-in-1-out Bluetooth MIDI
  • Connect up to 10 devices

Pricing and Availability

See the CME site for details.

8 thoughts on “CME Introduces New MIDI Solutions

  1. I guess I’m a sucker for these widgets. As I look into a box on my studio floor that is filled with old Anatek “Pocket” devices, MIDI Solutions devices, and even some old Studiomaster stuff, I’m looking at the prices and will probably ending purchasing at least a couple of each. It would have been nice if they put a merger on the interface box, because that would maki it unique. I kind of wished that Anatek never folded. Their Pocket Merges are probably the most indispensable thing I keep in my gig bag. Even thought the MIDI solutions clones appear to perform equally as well, the sixe and look of the Pockets are what makes them valuable.

  2. Wow I like that U6MIDI pro! Nice features and price point. Being able to use it with or without USB is interesting. Now if it could only work in USB host mode as well as device mode…..

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