Vangelis ‘Unplugged” Performance

Reader Olivier Lebra shared this ‘unplugged’ acoustic piano take on Vangelis‘s Prelude, from the album Voices.

The performance is the latest in a series of Vangelis covers by Lebra, embedded as a playlist below:

6 thoughts on “Vangelis ‘Unplugged” Performance

  1. Those are some interesting takes(tracks)by O.Lebra there, especially the featured one on the acoustic piano very inspiring almost brought auh sentimental tear tooo my eye of recollection; Thinking of Vangelis & His(the)Great(s’)work, really nice stuff wonderin’ what kind of apiano that he’s using I missEd it in the vid”s description I’d like tooo hear this done on some of top digital apianos, vst’s, unacorda,..etc thanx folks

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