‘SYNTHRphony’ Performance Inspired By Klaus Schulze

This video captures a performance by Jean-luc Briançon (aka Kurtz Mindfields) of SYNTHRphony, fourth movement – a piece inspired by the music of Klaus Schulze.

The video-song style performance features elements recorded across four sessions. Here’s what Briançon shared about the technical details:

“This long hypnotic title uses both SynthR4 & SynthR3 in sequencers/paraphonic modes, internal delays, VCOs ranges & routing, and it is influenced by work of Klaus Schulze.

Session 1 & 3/ left : SynthR4 stéréo mono sequencer & SynthR3 on SL161 studiologic, A90ex Roland strings & pad, Big Ancestor NRSynth lead Moog,

Session 2 & 4/ Right : SynthR3 Monophonic bass, Hansy Mister M Phased strings & windpad on KX88, A90EX Roland OB pad, Big Ancestor NRSynth lead, SynthR3 effects & Moog Sub37 lead, ARP Pro Soloist, SynthR4 Paraphonic 4 voices.”

7 thoughts on “‘SYNTHRphony’ Performance Inspired By Klaus Schulze

  1. Bow, woy this is just stellar work and auh great inspirational performance of one The¡ great’s pieces -Klaus Schultz(RIP) u are surely missed indeed,..thanx folks

  2. Sounds like my favorite period Schulze (somewhere between ‘Moondawn’ and ‘X’, especially ‘Mirage’). As a matter of fact, you could append this to Mirage and I doubt that anybody would doubt that it was Klaus, himself. Bravo!!!

  3. Very enjoyable, hitting all the right kinds of marks. Added kudos to anyone who does the ARP Pro Soloist thing and pulls it off. Its a modest, even semi-cheesy synth, but it still occupies a certain golden space. Merci for the fine rainy day song, Jean-Luc.

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