Arturia Pigments 4 Brings New Synthesis Options, Updated Interface & More

Arturia has introduced Pigments 4, the latest update of their flagship software synth.

It’s the third major update to Pigments since Arturia introduced it in 2018, and a free update for existing users.

What’s new in Arturia Pigments 4:

  • Play Mode – Take a step back and enjoy a simplified overview of your entire sound, with stripped-back modules and hands-on macros.
  • New looks for your setup – A refreshed graphical interface and a higher-contrast Light Mode makes Pigments easier to navigate than ever.
  • Improved sound design workflow – Quick drag-and-drop modulation editing, LFO waveform presets, ODDSound MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility, and more.
  • Enhanced engines – Wavetable engine ring mod and PWM, extra Harmonic engine phase options, and streamlined Unison controls.
  • New effects & filters – Introducing the MS-20 Filter, Shimmer Reverb, Super Unison, and improvements to a number of existing effects & filters.
  • Fresh sound exploration – Discover a huge selection of new factory presets, wavetables, samples, and noise types.

Pricing and Availability

Pigments 4 is available now with an intro price of $99 USD, normally $199.

7 thoughts on “Arturia Pigments 4 Brings New Synthesis Options, Updated Interface & More

  1. The biggest problem with Pigments is the outrageous amount of presets. The whole idea of presets is, that if you’re too lazy to create your own sounds, you just pick a factory sound. But with pigments I need to do such a huge amount of clicks and auditions, that I might as well start synthesising myself. This update made things only worse.

  2. I’ve been trying it out with my ROLI Seaboard RISE: the Pigments MPE support is really poor, barely works, the MIDI mappings get very confused and don’t work. I think they need to spend a bit of time sorting it out.

    And that’s a great pity because it’s truly excellent sonically.

  3. Sjakelien- Yeah, Pigments is covered in presets, but I always make a text file of my favorites when I take up a new instrument. It prevents a lot of clutter. My issue is with the browser, which I find clunky when compared with the rest of the synth. It has a lot of muscle.

    You have to tweak your sounds no matter what you’re doing. Pigments makes that aspect pretty painless. The MPE side does need an update, but the other upgrades were clearly seen as the primary selling points. We’ll see if they release a proper MPE patch in due course.

  4. As it continues to develop, I am finding Pigments to be more and more integral to my daily workflow. I really like the “Light mode”, though. Too many virtual sunths are ruined by GUIs that ate so contrast-free that they can’t be read.

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