Free Masterclass On Synthesis & Sound Design – Jan’s Patchwork Corner

Composer and sound designer Jan Morgenstern of Treeswift Audio let us know that he has launched a new Youtube series, Jan’s Patchwork Corner, described as a “free masterclass video series on synth programming and synth-based sound design.”

The initial episodes focus on sound design using u-he Zebra2. But Morgenstern says that the series is meant to be on synthesis, rather than any particular product, so explanations are as synth-agnostic as possible.

The series is intended to be very detailed and in-depth; the first 2 episodes clock in at more than two hours. Part 1 is embededed above, and part 2 below:

In each episode of Jan’s Patchwork Corner, Morgenstern plans to take one of his synth patches and break it down into its principal components, explaining how all parts work and come together to achieve the sound he’s looking for.

He also plans on discussing the thought processes that went into the design decisions, and tying it all into a larger view on synthesis technique and theory.

Check out the initial episodes above, and share your thoughts on them in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Free Masterclass On Synthesis & Sound Design – Jan’s Patchwork Corner

  1. I kind of like this approach. Since he says he favors the Zebra 2 as his work environment, I assume that this will be the basis for forthcoming episodes. I think that the selection of the Zebra 2 is one of the things that makes me like this video as an introduction to getting things you want to hear out of synths. The Zebra 2 is relatively affordable, has a ton of support in both sound libraries and YouTube videos that serve to instruct how to deal with the Zebra 2 UI. Also, the Zebra 2 is a relatively complex “modular-type” synth so he won’t run out of things to discuss in terms of mod pathways, exotic oscillator tunings, etc. He also has a great speaking voice that doesn’t distract from what he is teaching or demonstrating. I’m looking forward to updates to his channel.,

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