Arturia MiniFreak V Now Available To Everyone

Arturia has announced that MiniFreak V – the software version of its MiniFreak hardware synthesizer – is now available as an independent product for everyone.

When Arturia initially introduced MiniFreak V, it was only available as a freebie for owners of the MiniFreak hardware. It’s now available to everyone.

MiniFreak V is described as a “like-for-like software emulation of its hardware polysynth counterpart”. It features identical digital engines, paired with modeled analog filters, plus a plethora of wildly creative modulation, sequencing, and expression controls.

A key difference, though, is that the hardware version features polyphonic analog filters and VCAs. These are emulated in MiniFreak V.

Pricing and Availability:

Arturia MiniFreak V is available now with an intro price of $99 USD through Feb 4, 2022 (normall pricing is $199). Special pricing is also available for Arturia product owners.

48 thoughts on “Arturia MiniFreak V Now Available To Everyone

    1. imo it being a “VST player” is actually a *good* thing – it’s a huge added value for Arturia’s userbase, particularly the hardware owners. but I don’t even think that’s really an accurate characterization, as the hardware has analog filters and the UI of the software actually follows the hardware (ie the modmatrix implementation) rather than the other way around. this is honestly a neat, positive move by the company.

    2. You could say that about most synths that have a VST version- The hardware Minifreak has digital osculators and real ‘analogue’ filters with dedicated hands on controls and a keyboard, high quality audio I/O with almost no latency… at you can play it live without a computer…it still ‘exists’ when you turn your laptop off…they are just different things- one is ‘real’ one is ‘virtual’, great to have a choice!

    3. And that’s a bad thing how? VSTs are awesome, and Minifreak even has keys, custom controls and an analogue filter on top. I wish more VSTs would come in a hardware box like that.

    4. I don’t undesrtand your remark.
      The hardware MiniFreak has analogue components. By essence, that makes it NOT a VST player, but a proper hardware unit. You can even plug in a sound source to the synth and modify it using the analogue filters.

    5. Hi there !

      Just to clear things out. MiniFreak is a synth with everything (except the filter) made in firmware as Arturia did for MicroFreak. It is not “just” a VST player (like an OS with embedded VST). MiniFreak V is a port of this synth with firmware modules integrated into a plugin with much work on it’s side too (with a VA version of the filter amongst other things).

      1. Just to really clear things up. If it looks like a duck. and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. Similarly, if it has a .dll a or.vst3 extension, and generates music when it receives MIDI messages, it probably is a VST plug-in. Also, it is software, not firmware. This isn’t to detract from its capability as a plug-in, but in reality, that is what it really is. That fact that it is a port of a hardware synth to a plug-in doesn’t make it more than that.

    6. Would you say that Mutable Instruments modules are just VST players, just because the code was also ported to, for instance, VCV and Max?

    1. I am an Arturia customer but don’t have V Collection. Arturia’s offering it to me at $69 when I log into my account on their website. Didn’t get an email from them about this offer (yet).

    1. Your comment is a great example of projecting. Nothing in the headline comes close to making it sound like it’s free.

  1. Given the errors in my previous thinking and my sudden conversion to all-out Prologue advocate (mainly because of the hybrid oscillator/analog filter functions), my opinion of the Minifreak has changed from “may be worth looking at” to “will purchase”. I recently sold one of my MPC Live II units on the relatively new Sweetwater Gear Exchange (where you get to keep 100% of the sales amount if you apply it to a Sweetwater gift card). Originally, I intended to use the remittance to purchase a Minilogue module, but seeing this thread reminded me of the Minifreak. Given that I really don’t mind “mini keys”, especially the Arturia varieties I have in my studio (I also have a Hydrasynth Explorer that I use as the control keyboard for my “creative doodling” DAW), I’ve come to the conclusion that if I am so enamored with the Prologue, I probably can’t go wrong with Minifreak at less than half the price. Having the “V” plug-in would be an added bonus, much as I view the native Wavestate plug-in. So, I guess it will be a race to see which synth arrives soonest, the Prologue or the Minifreak.

    1. Sounds like you had a good Sweetwater experience. I tried to buy a sub 37 like the day I found out they had a used service (from this site actually) and my first purchase was a scam. Sweetwater worked it out though and me being a card holder and a customer for a few years felt like it made them believe me quicker. One of those fake tracking number scams.
      Anyways, i cant stop playing my minifreak but having the VSt is also great for when you’re just on the laptop and away. Both sound great, hardware/VST.

      1. Actually, I have never had a bad experience with Sweetwater in the 30 years I have been dealing, almost exclusively, with them. I realized just how different they are when I opened my original K2000S to replace the electroluminescent backlight and found that every ribbon connector and slide-on connector was silicon sealed in place (this was before the ribbon clamps became standard). Additionally, support cardboard was placed between the ROM block card and the motherboard. Clearly, they went the extra mile to make sure that their K2000s were, pretty much, roadie proof. Since that backlight replacement I must have opened at least 20 K2000s, of which I found similar silicon sealed parts in only two of them (that I surmised must have come from Sweetwater). I have no different a relationship with Sweetwater than any other person off the street that purchases from them, I just trust them.

    1. No probs, I don’t think anyone gives a dam
      PS; You wouldn’t be related or the sa e as “Bones” on KVR Forums?
      You’ve got lots in common ;_)

  2. As an Analog Lab V owner I got a great deal on this soft synth bundled with V Collection 9 ($250). Can’t complain about that!

    1. Bobeats is one of the most ridiculous shills out there

      He blocked my comments from his Youtube channel because I commented that I didn’t like that Andrew Huang’s name was printed on the Ghost eurorack module

      Nothing against Andrew – just would rather not endorse a single person

      Likewise I would never buy a “signature guitar” or any other instrument for that matter

      Anyways, Bobeats obviously didn’t like that because he was being paid to big up the module by Andrew and and so he blocked my comments

      1. What are you even talking about? Nobody gets paid by to talk about their modules. If you spread misinformation like this, I am not surprised people block you from their channels.

        1. Are you trying to tell me that popular gear youtubers are not being paid/rewarded for their totally “unbiased” reviews ?

          You are living in a dream world if that’s what you think

          Some of them have even come out and talked about the unhealthy relationship gear manufacturers have with youtubers

          1. Sure, all those evil multi-billion Eurorack manufacturers and hobbyist YouTube Millionaires smoke cigars and count stacks of cash together in their secret salons while they laugh about the gullible folks they tricked into spending their hard-earned money on quality synth modules. Some of the most popular reviewers are even life-like droids built and controlled by the secret overlords of the music tech industry. The plan is to turn all humans into musicians, so once the Alien invasion begins, all we can do to counter them is drop dope beats and sick bass lines.

        2. Also, you’re not surprised that someone would block my comments for having legitimate reason not to buy something and attempt to engage in a public discourse on an “open comments” section of a publicly available “review” of a manufacturers product ????


          1. If you were spamming his comments like you are doing here I can understand why he blocked you. That and also complaining about a name doesn’t bring anything interesting to the discussion.

            1. I think a lot of people who may have failed as musicians view those Youtube gear critics with a bit of jealousy for whatever reason, like gear reviewers found a way to “make it” even though they too make crappy music. I get bombarded by ads for everything, everyday, and I never feel the need to call the ads out or accuse the actors in commercials of being shills, I just ignore that stuff.

              1. I watch many youtubers – quite a good few of them are thorough, impartial, honest and objective about the gear they review

                Bo isn’t – and he deletes comments that may upset his sponsors

            2. That’s a fairly loose definition you of spam you have of there

              Spam generally refers to unsolicited email

              If you are making youtube videos with an open comments section – then you are soliciting replies

              What else are comments sections for other than to air your opinion about things?

              1. Spam and spamming are not exactly the same.

                – To send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the internet.
                – The act if obnoxiously doing something repeatedly for attention or in order to disturb others.

                I agree that comments sections are for airing opinions. What your opinions about those devices other than you not liking how its named?

      2. I’m not sure if Bo gets payed by Endorphines. What i do know is that at the end of the day we’re all whores to the system. Most influencers have to please brands or they won’t get send anymore gear. Than there’s group pressure and friends politics etc. The fact they keep the negatives under a tiny minimum in every review should give enough red flags that they’re biased.

  3. Its semi-traditional that most hardware synths above a certain level (and a few below) offer an editor, but offering them side-by-side with a VST version is an interesting move. I wasn’t looking for more hardware, but the Wavestate native worked for me. I don’t think the Minifreak addresses any unmet needs in my setup, but with so many engines in one place, its still tempting.

    One thing seems sure: its already so popular that you’ll probably see dozens of new patch sets for it soon.

    1. Hi Dave. I’ve never played with an Arturia synth with analog filters, so I really don’t know much about them. However, I thought I knew something about Korg analog filters, but the Prologue surprised the hell out of me. So, because of the inclusion of the analog filters, and given my decisions about the Prologue, I can’t think of any reason not to pick up the hardware Minifreak. Also, the money will already be at Sweetwater, anyway. The way I am looking at it, there is no way that the Minifreak can be worth less to me than the MPC Live II was.

  4. I still like the Microfreak for half the price. I’ll probably buy a Microfreak after getting a Roland JD-08. I wasn’t too sure about the Roland Boutique series due to the size, but I recently bought a Roland JX-08 since it was on Amazon for $330. I am very impressed with the JX-08. The small form factor turned out to be no problem for me. I like it so much that I want to get a JD-08 next. So, it’ll be a JD-08 and then a Microfreak, which together is only a bit more money than a Minifreak.

    1. I’ve been wondering that myself. My guess is that it will be included, but that guess is based solely on the fact that they can’t do too much to update it in the future to fluff sales, seeing as how it’s tied so closely to the hardware. It makes more sense as an added value to the suite. Plus, they’re already giving it away to new buyers of V9. I bought 8 not too long ago, so not ready to upgrade yet, but v10 is looking better and better already.

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