Applied Acoustics Introduces Asymmetric String Studio: A Sound Pack With ‘A Touch of Eccentricity’

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) has introduced Asymmetric String Studio, a sound pack created by Romanian sound designer Cipryan Bot that works with AAS’s String Studio VS-3 software synthesizer and with the free AAS Player plugin.

The Asymmetric sound pack is a collection of more than 120 presets that make full use of AAS String Studio’s string oscillator system, which, the company says, “mimics the natural behaviors of real acoustic instruments while injecting a strategic dose of synthetic abnormality for creative purposes.”

Mdulator controls allow the user to transform and morph sounds and explore different tonal territories. Sound pack creator Cipryan Bot harnesses the power of physical modeling with Asymmetric, making it a sound set well-suited for cinematic, atmospheric, and ambient techno projects and, AAS says, “anything else where you need a touch of eccentricity and to push boundaries.”

Compatibility: Asymmetric String Studio is only compatible with AAS String Studio VS-3 and the free AAS Player.

Asymmetric was created with the String Studio VS-3 string oscillator synthesizer. Users can play and edit the sounds in String Studio VS-3, but can also access and play them via the free AAS Player plugin (included with purchase of Asymmetric).

Pricing and Availability. The AAS Asymmetric String Studio is available now via the AAS website. The sound pack regularly retails for $39 USD but is currently offered at an introductory price of $19 USD until February 27. Other AAS String Studio VS-3 products are also currently discounted during the promotion, which expires February 27th, 2023.

4 thoughts on “Applied Acoustics Introduces Asymmetric String Studio: A Sound Pack With ‘A Touch of Eccentricity’

  1. Of the recent AAS “sound pack” releases, I think this is probably the best. AAS has quite a remarkable history in the advancement of acoustic modeling. Ive been dazzled by their stuff since I found about Tassman and Lounge Lizard over 20 years ago, now. Lounge Lizard allowed me to give up transporting an electric piano when I found that for stage use I could get every tone I needed from it. Although, I think the Pianoteq piano models have supplanted Lounge Lizard, Chromaphone and String Studio continue to show just how fat modeling can go.

  2. Um, what he said! Even the player packs are very useful. Chromaphone takes care of many things, including part of my FM-type needs. Its a superior physical modeler because its components are laid out clearly, so it can feel a bit like a subtractive synth in use. STRUM, likewise. Whether you need a delicate nylon acoustic or a roaring Strat, it’ll deliver.

    Physical modelers also preserve your precious HD space, being detailed algorithms rather than stacks of WAVs. Try a couple of AAS packs. You’ll be able to get the feel of things and make an informed decision. BTW, registered users get nice pluses at times, like freebies & discounts. Some companies can grind your @$$; this one massages it. 😛

  3. +1 for AAS, a great company with superior products. Been a Strum 2 GS user for many years.
    Plus they are based in my hometown of Montréal.

  4. Started with Lounge Lizard.
    Chromaphone and Strum followed. Excellent.
    Another company I am happy to support with my sonic $$$.
    Good stuff IMHO.

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