Fors Releases Opal Groovebox For Ableton Live

Fors recently released a new hardware-inspired groovebox for Ableton Live, Opal.

Opal features four synthesizers, built-in effects and a powerful step sequencer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Opal is an instrument made for intricate pattern creation. With parameter locks, probability, conditionals, ratcheting, independent track length, time division and traversal, it’s a breeze to program exciting patterns.

Opal comes with four distinct, highly malleable, synthesizers and two sequenceable effects. While the synths are tailored for creating drum sounds, it’s up to you to choose where, or if, the line between percussion and melody is drawn.”


  • Step-sequencer with:
    • Parameter locks
    • Probability
    • Step logic
    • Ratcheting
    • Microtiming
    • Per-track length
    • Per-track direction
    • Per-track time division
  • Five tracks with:
    • Gem FM Synthesizer
    • Mass Modal Synthesizer
    • Dust Pulsar Noise Synthesizer
    • Slate Granular Sample Player
    • Void Reverb & Flux Sampler
  • Modulation
  • Individual outputs

Pricing and Availability:

Opal is available now for €49 (excl VAT).

7 thoughts on “Fors Releases Opal Groovebox For Ableton Live

  1. Interesting concept. I’ve owned Ableton with Maxforlive for years and have a Push, but rarely use them. Between all the options and rabbit holes to fall into, I end up experimenting only and never getting any real music done. Being able to constrain Live to just 5 tracks and a small handful of synth engines seems like it would add more of the immediacy I enjoy with hardware. I do wonder how Opal looks on the Push screen and if it’s possible to use without a monitor.

    1. I dont have a push so i dont know but its as close as you can get to the Elektron Syntakt in a small software interface. Parameter locks and all, although I dont like the implementation but its there and sounds really good too. This developer’s devices are all pretty good and well done.

    2. I would suggest 8 tracks instead of 5, since the Push’s layout fits exactly 8 (without needing to navigate left/right).

      Opal is really made for computer mouse/keyboard, not Push or any MIDI controller.

      For Push it only has 3 Banks, basically for controlling the mixer (track’s on/off, track gain).

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