Another Look At The Audiophile Features of The EVOP64 Commodore 64 Mod

Reader Darrell Westbury contacted us, in response to our story on the ‘audiophile’ features of the EVO64 – a replica of the original Commodore 64 circuit board that adds interesting new audio and video features.

The Commodore 64 is a popular platform for chiptune synthesists, and the EVO64 offers some interesting alternatives to the original, including a stereo output path and vacuum tube pre-amp.

Westbury shared this video from Jan Beta, embedded above, noting that it featured “more in depth sound sampling from the EVO64 and the NuTube64 audio preamp module”.

You can find out more about the EVO64 at the project site.

Is ‘audiophile’ Commodore 64 audio an oxymoron? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Another Look At The Audiophile Features of The EVOP64 Commodore 64 Mod

  1. I understand that some people love to muck around with old PCs. However, I still don’t understand what anything demoed here brings to the table for anybody else than a Commodore 64 enthusiast.

    1. someone suggested that you don’t need to comment about everything, especially things you know nothing about.
      so i guess it “brings to the table” another opportunity for you to embrace yourself.

    2. @John Rossi SID chip:
      – 3 digitally clocked oscillators with individual amp envelopes, PWM, ring mod and sync, “clocked noise”
      – analog filter (digitally controlled) with a very unique character, can process external sounds
      – ability to do all sorts of pitch and filter modulation tricks under C64 control
      – ability to play ‘digital samples’ using a very crude lo-fi method

      That’s it. On paper it’s exciting. In reality you either like it or you don’t. But don’t judge based on the stuff you hear in games – usually they use the oscillators as separate musical parts, instead of combining them to form one obese monosynth. There is software/hardware to put the SID under external MIDI control.

      Hear the filter in action at 41:50 in this video, it’s sweet.

  2. seen this one yesterday (it was linked in the last post) the music at 41:50 blow my mind! i also found a great channel called “C64!” while searching for this track with lots of new sid music!

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