New Documentary On Tape Loop Artist Amulets

Reader Kilian Vidourek shared this “side B” to his recent documentary about Portland ambient musician Amulets, Tape Wizard.

“I just released a longer, sequel of sorts of footage I never used and thought I’d share,” notes Vidourek. “Hope y’all enjoy!”

Amulets is a project of Portland audio + visual artist Randall Taylor. Taylor is part of a new generation of musicians exploring the artifacts and lo fi sounds of cassette audio processing and tape loops.

side B follows Taylor in October of 2019, leading up to the release of his first full-length physical album.

You can view ‘side a’, Tape Wizard, below:

Tape Wizard has been shown at the Bellingham Music Film Festival, Bolton International Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Mid America Film Festival, and The Notre Dame Student Film Festival.

2 thoughts on “New Documentary On Tape Loop Artist Amulets

  1. I can admire the guy plenty, just from remembering my old tape snarls that made a Maxell mushroom cloud sprout from the deck like a creaky Mellotron going into the bog. It makes me love flash drives even more. 😀

  2. yeah, the magnetic emulsion rubbed off my old masters first play after decade of storage. oh well, there’s goes the memories of my youth.

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