Behringer Edge, A Hot Pink DFAM Knockoff, Now ‘Ready To Ship’

Behringer has announced that the Edge – a hot pink knockoff of the Moog DFAM semi-modular drum synth – is now “in production and ready to ship.”

The Behringer Edge follows the precedent of their Crave synth, recreating a popular Moog Eurorack format synth as an inexpensive desktop module.

The Edge is a semi-modular percussion synth. Like its inspiration, it features dual VCO’s with pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync and FM, to let you create a variety of percussive sounds.

It also clones the DFAM’s dual-row 8-step sequencer, so you can control two aspects of the drum synth’s voice on each step.

Pricing and Availability

Details are to come, but Behringer says that the Edge is ready to ship and they’ve previously said that they are targeting a $219 USD price.

18 thoughts on “Behringer Edge, A Hot Pink DFAM Knockoff, Now ‘Ready To Ship’

  1. not a fan of this enclosure – desktops are just messy cables catchers.
    not a big fan of Mother 32 either, although I have two. can’t win them all.

    1. Paint it or finish it off with the soon to follow overlays

      This will be quite a nice addition for many who are starting with simple synth desk setups

      1. the DFAM is a lot of fun with a couple of 960’s to modulate the three Decays, FM AMT, white noise, and CF. it can get really crazy! MIDI will be popular for the computer-crowd.

  2. I’ll wait for the sound comparisons and if it sounds decent this’ll get a big fat “why not?”. Actually, if this was a full eurorack format like the Neutron and many other the decision wouldve been more easy. It’s just that this format is not that good, not good at all if you short on desk space, like I have 3 alternatives, new cheap synth, coffee space or get another small table to tuck somewhere.

    1. It’s the same format as most other semi-modular synths – it’s desktop

      you could always mount it more vertically in some kind of stand

    1. parts costs remained high due to supply line disruptions for the last several years; pandemic, ukraine war, global inflation – same old stuff.

      VCS3 will ship. watch their facebook page if you really want to know when down to the second.

  3. It’s definetly worth buying at that pricepoint for some experimental madness, even if it doesn’t end up sounding like a Moog. You know what would get me really excited? An affordable Pulsar-23…that machine is beyond the beyond.

  4. No way this is going to sound as good as Dfam…. Agreed midi is a nice addition but you can drive the Dfam sequencer easily with just a click…

    1. yeah agreed

      all analogue gear is built magically by elves and wizards

      it can’t possibly be accurately recreated by mere mortals

      btw it has clock in and can be clocked in exactly the same way as DFAM

    1. It’s one thing for a company to clone a 50-year old synth that’s long out of production. It’s another to clone one 4 years old and still in production. Really damn lame actually. Hey Behringer, how about you do your own R&D?

  5. glad this pisses people off. and stop commenting that the guy ‘looks baked’. its as old as pwm memes about nick batt

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