New Arturia MiniFreak Soundpack From Mylar Melodies

Mylar Melodies has introduced a new sound library for the Arturia MiniFreak & MiniFreak V plugin.

50 Patches for Arturia MiniFreak features basses, leads, keys and pad sounds inspired by ambient techno music of the 90’s, as well as impressions of classic sounds Arturia’s versatile synth is capable of creating.

The collection includes sound inspired by Autechre’s FM-tinged ‘Nine’, Vangelis’ majestic ‘Blade Runner Opening Titles’, Gary Numan’s legendary Polymoog ‘Vox Humana’ sound, the chorused bass from Mr Fingers ‘Can You Feel It’ as well as reimagined pad sounds from Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II, and more.

You can preview the sound library via the video, embedded above.

Pricing and Availability:

The 50-patch preset pack is available now for £7 (under $9 USD). It’s also available as a free download for Mylar Melodies Patreon backers.

3 thoughts on “New Arturia MiniFreak Soundpack From Mylar Melodies

  1. I purchased a MiniFreak on a lark and I’ve been amazed by it ever since I purchased it. If I had to pick the best value synth in the last couple years, this would be it. It sounds amazing sometimes and it is the most fun I’ve had programming a synth in a long time. At the price, this set of presets seems to me to be a no brainer for me, at least.. It appears to explore some paths I haven’t yet taken with the MF.

  2. Great Video! It was enough to get me to buy the soundpack. I recently got Minifreak V and haven’t really taken the time to explore it yet, but this is inspiring me to spend some time with it.

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