Expressive E Reopens Reservations For Osmose Synthesizer, Shares New Videos

Expressive E let us know that they have reopened reservations for the Osmose expressive synthesizer.

The release of the Osmose was delayed by global supply-chain issues, but the company started shipments at the beginning of this year.

In conjunction with the announcement, Expressive E released two new videos, showing how Jean-Michel Jarre and t.nava (Free Nationals, Anderson .Paak) are using the Osmose in their work:

Jean-Michel Jarre on the Osmose:

t.nava on the Osmose:

See the Expressive E site for details.

11 thoughts on “Expressive E Reopens Reservations For Osmose Synthesizer, Shares New Videos

  1. The next trick: getting people to embrace the fine points of what they’re hearing and why that’s a good thing. Its almost a distant cousin to what a guitar can do. That’s a bit of a stretch, but its still an alien thing to have that kind of flexibility available from keys. It’ll look different in a year, after it sinks in more.

    1. The Continuum and Linnstrument can be considered controllers that approximate (fretless) string instruments, due to the notes not being segmented in notes / steps. The Expressive E is different in that respect… Not really a guitar either, though I suppose there must be acoustic instruments out there that work on a similar principle, and I would like to know about that. For me, it would make casual conversation about this controller with people outside of electronic music easier, skipping the whole x y axis-y stuff… 🙂

      1. It seems the E is attempting to give keyboard players the same expressiveness that all acoustic instruments have with the exception being most percussion instruments.

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