New Plugin, Jotter, Lets You Add Timecode-linked, Collaborative Notation In Your DAW

NUGEN Audio has introduced Jotter, a new note-taking and collaboration plugin that lets you collaborate in your DAW with other users, anywhere in the world.

Simply insert Jotter anywhere in your project, and add annotations locked to the timecode. These can be shared between collaborators either via the plug-in, or via an exported .csv file. Jotter can also be used as a standalone application in situations where a DAW is either unavailable or simply not required.

“In audio, it’s easy to get lost in the ideas you have for editing, timing and automation,” says Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe, Product Specialist, NUGEN Audio. “With Jotter, you can stay organized with notes and to-do lists inside your DAW, right on the project timeline. Whether you need a more straightforward way for clients to share suggested changes or you’d simply like to keep your workflow more organized, Jotter can help.”

In addition to the fully licensed plug-in solution that can be integrated directly into Pro Tools or other DAWs, the Jotter software is also available as a free standalone version that includes the same management tools and can be used by clients and other collaborators.

Pricing and Availability

Jotter is available now for $49 USD.

2 thoughts on “New Plugin, Jotter, Lets You Add Timecode-linked, Collaborative Notation In Your DAW

  1. It’s such a simple idea, it really should have been made years ago.

    It also seems so universally useful for so many different kinds of workflows. It’s a little like those comments we see popping up in SoundCloud.

    At $49, I’ll just stick to my typed notes/times. But for industry cats, seems pretty useful

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