Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Multiphonics CV-2 Modular Synth & FX Plugin

Applied Acoustics Systems has introduced Multiphonics CV-2, a major update to their cross-platform software modular synthesizer & effects plug-in.

Multiphonics CV-2 is a sophisticated modular environment for assembling and playing synth and effect patches. The new version ships with a comprehensive library of modules and a vast library of patches.

“Multiphonics CV-2 can now be used as an effect in a DAW and process audio inputs, which opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities” says Benoit Charland, lead product designer at Applied Acoustics Systems. “The module library has been augmented with a selection of modules specifically designed to take advantage of this new capability and make the creation of custom effects fun and efficient.”

Here’s what’s new in Multiphonics CV-2:

  • Multiphonics can now be used as an effect processor
  • 15 new modules
  • 6 improved modules
  • 100 new effect patches
  • 50 new synth patches
  • Efficient stereo and multi-channel patching
  • Improved patch browsing
  • Scalable UI

Multiphonics CV-2 runs on both macOS and Windows in 64-bit host sequencers that support the VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX Native formats.

Pricing and Availability:

Multiphonics CV-2 is available now, with an intro price of $99 USD through May 15, 2023 (normally $149). Upgrade pricing is also available.

11 thoughts on “Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Multiphonics CV-2 Modular Synth & FX Plugin

    1. No. Sadly, Tassman was much better. If AAS updated their Tassman modular or added Tassman physical modelling modules to Multiphonics, that WOULD be best! I don’t know why they don’t. Maybe they will slowly add Tassman modules over several $49 updates?

  1. This is by far the worst of the software modulars available (and I have most of them). Charging for this ‘update’ is a joke, they just added a few more boring modules that should have been there from day 1. Anyway…back to VCV and the several thousand modules, over 1000 of them free and by Eurorack designers.

  2. AAS is a good source of stable tools. I find Chromaphone quite useful and their Ultra Analog is an excellent VA with its own flavor. Strum is one of the best guitar emulators around. If I was looking to go modular, I’d give the CV-2 a try, just to get my feet wet.

  3. I’ve been using all other Modular’s and I still think this one has a place.
    Fairly low CPU for relatively high quality sound.

    Hope they will continue to add physical modeling modules to it.. what id really like to see is a complete set of lower level modules that would allow us to recreate or import Nord G2 patches or even some stuff inspired by the old Adern Flexor and a crazy comb filter would go a long way.

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