New Instrument, InstaChord, Is Part Omnichord, Part Guitar

Yuichi Nagata has launched a crowdfunding project to fund production of an international version of the InstaChord, a new electronic instrument that’s part Omnichord and part guitar.

Like the Omnichord, it features chord buttons that control which the notes that can be triggered when you strum it. But the InstaChord is held and played more like a guitar.

It can be used anywhere, because it has a rechargeable battery, headphone jack and built-in speaker. It has a built in sound module with 128 sounds. In addition, it has MIDI out via USB-C and Bluetooth LE.

The current domestic model has sold over 5,000+ units sold in Japan. The crowdfunding project will support the work needed to meet  international certificate requirements.


  • Size: 420mm x W 210mm x H 50mm
  • Weight: 660g
  • Play Modes: Strum (like guitar strings), Hit (like piano keys), Push (Press harder for more volume)
  • Internal Instruments: 128 types, General MIDI standard
  • Sound Module: SAM2695 by Dream (France)
  • Playable chords: maj, m, 7, m7, M7, mM7, 6, m6, add9, madd9, sus4, dim7, aug, m7-5, slash chords (inversions)
  • Wired connection: Stereo line out, USB-C (recharge/MIDI)
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth LE MIDI, iOS, Mac, QUCCOSOUND mi.1 cable typeB compatible
  • Battery: 3400mAh, 10 hours play time, 8 hours recharge time

Pricing and Availability:

The InstaChord is available to project backers starting at about $376 USD.

Note: All crowdfunding projects can involve risk. See the project site for details.

11 thoughts on “New Instrument, InstaChord, Is Part Omnichord, Part Guitar

  1. I have the Arthiphon instrument 1. Problem is the rubber triggers simulating the snares: the rubber is wearing out quickly (also on the neck if you try to make slides by the way). So I am worried for the same problem here. It is better to have steel rods, like the Charlie Lab Digitar (midi controller from the 90’s) that I also own.

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