Tiptop Audio + Buchla Expand Eurorack Range With Mixer/Preamplifier 207t, Programmable Spectral Processor 296t

At Superbooth 2023, being held in Berlin May 11-13, Tiptop Audio & Buchla USA are expanding their line of classic Buchla 200 series modules in Eurorack format.

The series, introduced at Superbooth 2021, is a joint project to make classic Buchla 200 Series modules available as affordable Eurorack modules. The series has been wildly popular, with the initial set of modules selling out almost as soon as they are released.

Now they are introducing two new modules:

The Mixer/Preamplifier 207t, above, is essentially a reissue of the classic Buchla Mixer/Preamplifier Model 207 in Euro format.

It features a six-channel stereo mixer with voltage-controlled panning and a single channel preamplifier with impedance and gain switches for a variety of input levels. Also included are per channel program and monitor switches and a monitor output.

The Programmable Spectral Processor 296t, above, is a 16-channel bandpass filter, with built-in analysis and synthesis capability. It can be used as a real-time performance filter, an equalizer and part of a vocoder.

Each frequency band has its own control input and envelope follower output, allowing for a wide range of transformations.

Both modules are expected to be available in August 2023. Details on pricing and specifications are to be announced.

2 thoughts on “Tiptop Audio + Buchla Expand Eurorack Range With Mixer/Preamplifier 207t, Programmable Spectral Processor 296t

  1. I agreed with the above comment I have been beyond stoked every since they announced Buchla reissues of modules by Tip Top as of this date of have at least X1 of every module they released in this series I was super excited to see what will be next up their selves however I’m actually thrown off and a little disappointed I’m mean I don’t have a 16 channel bandpassd filter however this seems like ethier they were stumped or couldn’t agree or get something done in time so they decide f it will just put these two out next. I was hoping maybe recreation of a different module ethier another exotic rarer one or maybe something redline or even the 200e system. A lot these modules are also kinda one trick ponies or they have their thing or their purpose. I love older vintage stuff or big Boards of Canada fan so I’m been excited to get the older gear recreate older sounds and experiment buchla bongs can only be entertaining for so long maybe it’s me and I need to think more outside the box.Im very happy they all have been released and they stuck to the time table for the most part I just was little disappointed these are the next to be cook up in the kitchen guess I’ll just be patient and see what the next batch of modules they cook up.

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