Tiptop Audio ART Promises To Make ‘Polyphonic Patching Effortless’

At Superbooth 2023, Tiptop Audio has announced ART – a new patching system that they say “makes polyphonic patching effortless.”

The first thing ART does is establish a new signal standard in Eurorack systems, just like CV Gate and 1V/Oct.

ART is not just a new signal, but allows for development of previously impossible products that pass through traditional barriers and make Eurorack more capable.

ART modules are Eurorack modules and use Eurorack signal levels for oscillator audio and gate/cv controls, same power connector, and are designed to blend into any Eurorack system. But they also include ‘Polytip’ connectors, which are connected using special Polytip patch cables.

Here are the details on ART:

Signal flow:
Voice = can refer for example to a single filter in a poly filter module or a complete voice like VCO + VCF + EG + VCA patch.

Patch types:
Poly synth patch = patch with only Polytips. Patching with Polytips is like a higher level patching, you don’t patch one monophonic signal like you usually do in Eurorack, you patch blocks of voices.

Discrete polyphony patch = a polyphonic patch made from single modules, like multiple ATXs that goes into multiple filters and multiple vcas. Obviously it is very interesting to try and make each voice different from the other.

Multi-Voice patch = a patch of multiple mono voices.

Paraphonic patch = a polyphonic tone generation mix, like the MIX out on Vortex6 or multiple mono voices (ATX1) mixed together goes into a monophonic processing (VCF, VCA, EG, etc) path.

Module type:
Polyphonic module = module with poly tips jacks like OCTOPASS
Polyphonic module with discrete I/Os = like Vortex6 and HEAGAIN, having both Polytips and 3.5mm jacks in parallel.

Polyphonic jack = the Polytip jacks, these carry multiple audio signal in one cable
3.5mm jacks = the standard jacks used in Eurorack

An entire product line of ART based modules is in development at Tiptop Audio, featuring 9 new modules.

See the Tiptop Audio site for more FAQs and more information.

9 thoughts on “Tiptop Audio ART Promises To Make ‘Polyphonic Patching Effortless’

  1. No thanks. This seems like a way to try to change the industry to benefit one manufacturer. Keep Eurorack open. And I am not buying new proprietary cables.

  2. Just imagine if there were polyphonic synthesizers that was programmable without requiring patch cables. Boy, how neat that would be.

  3. I wonder how other modular manufacturers will react to this. What if everyone just created their own proprietary extensions to the modular format? Frankly there are plenty of great polysynths on the market so why would I want to go this route. If I’m not mistaken, most polysynths have a VCO, VCA, VCF, etc. per voice so to accomplish that with this system would require multiple modules per voice.

    On another note, the Tiptop site states the MIDI is slow, but this system requires it’s own MIDI interface to convert to their proprietary digital format.

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