Stranger Things Live coming To San Francisco June 4th

Event Producers Mercury Soul have announced a rare performance by the composers behind the pop culture phenomenon Stranger Things. 

Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who have a Primetime Emmy Award and two Grammy nominations for their score, will perform at San Francisco’s The Midway on Sunday, June 4th, 2023. The event will offer the San Francisco premiere of the score.

Dixon and Stein’s use of analog synthesizers will be contextualized within the history of the pipe organ, with an opening organ performance featuring the music of Bach and Messiaen.

It’s an all-ages event. Tickets are available now, starting at $35.

21 thoughts on “Stranger Things Live coming To San Francisco June 4th

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            1. And my response was “If you really want to avoid crime, stay out of Missouri, not California.”

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    2. Is it that bad?

      Can’t say I know a thing about that city besides that it being ridiculously expensive and thus plagued by homeless folks. Is that where the rampant theft comes from?

  1. Yeah, I was just at GDC. I would suggest not going unless you already live there, then you probably already know the drill.

  2. Saw them in London, it was so bad that the audience didn’t even applaud for about a minute after the gig and then only ambarassed applause from a few people with a few half-hearted whoops. Rain check before attending

  3. dont cry about all that butthurt you wanted and asked for and are now receiving, SF natives and their apologists

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