Waves Audio Gems Now Shipping

Waves Audio let us know that Gems, a collection of creative effects, each designed with a unique sonic signature, available in Waves Creative Access.

Each ‘Gem’ includes a few simple intuitive controls that let you shape vocals, create motion in instruments, add character to drums, and more.

At launch, the collection includes 10 Gems: five included in Waves Essential, and all ten included in Waves Ultimate.

Here’s what they have to say about the Gems in both Waves Essential and Waves Ultimate:

  • RockVoc: Take your vocal sound back in time with vintage mic tones and retro 60s/70s effects.
  • Sunsets: “Instantly mesmerizing ambience”, with a lush and dreamy sound, for synths, vocals, and any instrument.
  • The Neighbor: “Make your tracks sound like they’re coming from the loudest party in town”. A unique filter for building tension in songs and for post-production.
  • Liquid Glass: Make your tracks drip with the smooth, unpredictable textures of swirling liquid in a glass. Bring your music to life with edgy turbulence and a touch of unexpected motion.
  • Fan Only: Rev up your synths and instruments with one-of-a-kind fan-induced textures. Track sounds dull? Feed it through Fan Only and let your creativity fly.

Here’s what they have to say about the Gems available in Waves Ultimate:

  • Shine Vox: Make your vocals pop like a superstar with this vocal enhancer. Get that lit-up vocal performance with big, bright, in-your-face vocal sound, without the harshness.
  • Corroder: Create sonic mayhem and add grit and grime to your tracks with this must-have tool for audio destruction and sick sound design.
  • Solar Drone: Transform any instrument into an infinite, otherworldly ambient soundscape. Infuse eerie motion, dramatic space, and dark shimmer onto any track.
  • GT16 Mini: Add some serious vintage cool to your productions. This gaming console will pixelate your tracks for a retro vibe that’s straight out of the golden age of gaming.
  • Pow! Turn up the knock of your beats with POW! Add extra punch, dynamic drive, and fat subs to any kick, snare, tom or drum group. Your drum tracks will be BIGGER than ever before.

See the Waves site for details.

4 thoughts on “Waves Audio Gems Now Shipping

  1. Hahaha NOPE. Aside from the fact that Waves has terrible business practices, this looks like a knockoff of what NI and Output are already doing. I’ll keep using my two legacy waves plugins and then will ultimately phase those out as well.

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  3. Waves have a fantastic suite of tools and are certainly industry leading. I feel like this is an attempt to grab some market share from the “Creatives” (read as non technical). There’s absolutely nothing in this Gem series that couldn’t be adequately reproduced by an experienced engineer. Maybe something like “Liquid Glass” adds value if it actually reproduces a physics engine as opposed to quasi-automated parameters such as LPFs and EQ and Pan.

    Nice artwork, though.

  4. Such a toxic company pricing policy – subscription OR one PC per license/user. Sorry Waves, but I MUST use warez-versions for my Datcha’s PC and Macbook. Look at Arturia (5), CherryAudio (4), IK (10) examples!

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