MPC One+ Review – “Nothing Comes Close” At The Price

Loopop host Ziv Eliraz let us know that he’s shared another in-depth video, this time a review of the new AKAI Pro MPC One+.

The MPC One+ adds WiFi & Bluetooth, has 4 times the original’s storage, and has a lower price than the mk1. Eliraz say that AKAI has ‘knocked out many, but not all, of the cons” of the original.

“At that price range, there’s just nothing that comes close to the versatility and capabilities of the MPC One+.”

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the MPC One+ in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:30 What’s new?
2:55 2GB RAM OK?
5:00 CPU loads
5:25 Using WIFI
6:40 Splice
7:20 Ableton Link
8:50 MIDI over WIFI
9:55 Ableton control
12:20 Bluetooth
13:30 Connection tips
14:20 MIDI routing
15:20 Mapping CCs
17:15 Using WIDI
18:45 Pros & cons
22:05 Outro

5 thoughts on “MPC One+ Review – “Nothing Comes Close” At The Price

      1. color palettes for the LED pads. I’m red green blind. the RGB LED’s which typically are programmed for eight colors; black, white, red, green, blue, ‘cyan’, ‘magenta’, and ‘yellow’.
        green and ‘yellow’ are the same.
        blue and ‘magenta’ are the same.
        white and ‘cyan’ are the same.
        so I only see five of the eight colors. a Yellow/Blue bling person will only be able to see five *different* colors.
        color blind palettes would allow an additional 8-10 percent of customers to actually use the device with out cumbersome cycling through memorized color sequences.

        i *see* the enclosure as ‘red’, because nobody would make it ‘brown’ – which is what the color appears to me as. no new MPC’s for me i guess.

        1. Don’t know if it’s true of the Akai, but SP-404mk2 settings allow pad colors to be customized. That seems pretty common with RGB pad devices.

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