MIDICake ARP 4-Channel MIDI Arpeggiator

Midicake ARP is a 4-channel MIDI arpeggiator that lets you play multiple instruments, using sequences, arpeggiators and more – all in time with your other MIDI gear.

Midicake ARP is a MIDI sequence generator that offers 4 polyphonic channels, letting you create complex musical patterns that can be controlled and manipulated in real-time. Each arpeggiator can operate as a pad, chord, or arpeggio; outputting MIDI independently or combined on a single channel.

MIDI Output is via USB and MIDI port with the potential to control 8 unique devices. It can operate as a standalone controller or can be clock synced to any MIDI master.

In Play-Mode you act as composer and musician, directing the movement of the music through key and chord selection.

In Set-Mode, you configure each channel independently or as a group to change the way its channel will behave. All in real-time with the music.

The unique step, jump and bounce controls take the possibilities beyond conventional arpeggiators into complex musical and rhythmical sequences that are at once complex and original, intriguing, and yet predictable.

The wide-ranging gate release and time division options offer huge scope, from short fast bass and lead lines to long meandering and varying melodies that can run for hours before repeating.


  • Unique Layer and Follow workflows
  • Pattern, Sequence, and Rhythm Editors
  • 2 Modulators per Channel
  • Editable Chord/Scales
  • Powerful Incoming Note and Chord Sync
  • Supports MIDI Control and Program Change
  • Internal or External MIDI Clock Sync
  • Note modes for Mono and Poly Synths
  • Programmable Macro Controls
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • USB MIDI, USB Powered

Pricing and Availability:

Midicake ARP is available now for £320 excluding VAT.

6 thoughts on “MIDICake ARP 4-Channel MIDI Arpeggiator

  1. Interesting. May be they can talk to Stephen Kay for adding some KARMA? Or is that to random?
    Or may be add variances A, B, C, D and may be fills and intro’s and endings and import of Yamaha styles? Or is that too much arranger for those serious musicians? 😉

  2. For some reason the name “midicake” grosses me out. Similar to the word “moist”. I’d have to put masking tape over that. My therapist loves me.

  3. I wrote the company radio silent. this could be interesting to compare NDLR or even the two tied together but NDLR has two midi ports 8 midi channels.

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