New Synthetic Drums SD-6 Inspired By Vintage Analog Gear

AVP shared this video demo of the SD-6, a compact analog drum synthesizer that they say is inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s.

Synthetic Drums SD-6 features six independent drum sound sections. It has 23 controls and 7 buttons to control the sound parameters and MIDI. It has five individual audio outputs, a mix output and six individual trigger inputs.

It can be controlled via MIDI or via the 6 individual trigger inputs.


  • Fully analog, using transistors and discrete components;
  • 6 individual sound channels: BD (bass drum), SD (snare drum), CL (clap), CY (cymbal), CH (close hat), OH (open hat) with noise generators;
  • 23 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options;
  • 6 buttons to manually trigger (play) each sound;
  • MIDI In/MIDI thru with learn button;
  • 3.5 mm individual outputs;
  • 3.5 mm individual trigger inputs 5V/1mS;
  • 6.3 mm output;
  • 6.3 mm headphones output;
  • Steel casing;

Pricing and Availability:

AVP SD-6 is available now to pre-order. See the AVP site for details.

12 thoughts on “New Synthetic Drums SD-6 Inspired By Vintage Analog Gear

  1. russian = nope, no way, under no circumstances would I ever touch this stuff

    I would rather give my money to help the victims of the russian invasion of Ukraine.

    1. Are you hypocrite or just ignorant?

      (As you answer the question, please keep the history in mind about how other countries has abused 3rd world countries or made conquest in search of oil or other materials)

        1. I don’t agree, you cannot point the finger at one and claim, that the other bad apples are better or ok. [That is being hypocrite]

            1. You don’t know what I think, so keep that hat for yourself, thank you!

              So just to understand your point of view. The countries that are still importing Russian gas [Despite that the import has been decreased the last 2 years] and use it for production [Bascially still supporting Russia], would you also boy-cut those countries?

              1. Thanks for the slightly more subtle whataboutism.
                You too seem to think Russia should get a free pass to murder kids because other bad stuff happens.
                Interesting. I’m not sure that sort of argument would stand up in court.
                Or that my assumed lack of consistency should invalidate my argument?
                I’m tired of pointing out that a junkie can say that meth is bad and it still be correct.
                Stick to subject: this Russian drum machine, a company hiding their nationality and not denoucing the war, but still want to carry on trading with Europe.

                1. In what way are the company hiding their identity? Their Soundcloud clearly says that they are based in Moscow… hardly incognito.

                  As shocking as it may sound, Russian people are human beings too capable of acting in autonomy, and don’t need to be unquestionably coupled to the doings of there government. AVP are a small company, an artisan synth maker. Not the music technology branch of the Russian army. AVP are deserving of the same level of individual respect that you would give to any other manufacturer of a similar scale, and shouldn’t be subject to your identarian prejudice.

                  As for your comment about them not denouncing the war. Let’s be real, if you were in their position, you would probably not be too keen to publicly announce your alignment. Please have a modicum of self-awareness and empathy.

                  1. They probably voted for Putin.
                    But we wouldn’t know for sure because they hide their nationality as much as possible on their website and don’t display any messages condemning Russia’s extreme violence towards Ukraine.
                    Now is the time for Russian citizens to show their defiance, or not.
                    The war is in their name.

                    Why not put up instead of wafting some whataboutism?

  2. Democrats who hate Right Wing Nationalists that call themselves patriots sure are patriotic and nationalistic af about this war in Ukraine.

    If I owned a business, I would sincerely hope no one in other countries would choose to patronize my business or not based on the actions of Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Those people don’t speak for or represent me or my beliefs even a little bit.

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