New Eurorack Module Generates Random CV & Gate Signals From Uranium Ore

Nervous Squirrel has announced that the Ore-some Volts, a Eurorack synthesizer module that generates random control voltages, gates and triggers from uranium ore, is now available.

Using the module, radioactive events from a jar filled with uranium ore can be used to control compositional parameters.

A borosilicate glass jar filled with uranium ore is mounted in front of a Geiger counter, which detects ionizing radiation emitted by the rocks.The timings of the radioactive events are mapped to a control voltage output and a number of gate/trigger outputs. These can be useful for creating unpredictable variations in your synth patches.

There is a trigger output that creates a pulse whenever an event is detected, and also a group of six outputs that can be set as either triggers or gates.

Pricing and Availability:

The Ore-some Volts is available now for £495.00 GBP.

25 thoughts on “New Eurorack Module Generates Random CV & Gate Signals From Uranium Ore

  1. Buyer beware: Uranium has a half-life of approximately 4.5 billion years. The strength of the radiation will decay over time, and the module may become useless within 10-20 billion years. So, not great as a long-term investment.

  2. The randomness from this is totally worth £500. Any music using modulation from this will have a radiologic authenticity unattainable by any other method. Act now.

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