JMK Music Pedals Intros CLOCKstep:MULTI Synchronization Hub

JMK Music Pedals, the makers of the CLOCKstep – a MIDI clock, transport control and metronome source pedal for live performance -have introduced a new member of their synchronization family: CLOCKstep:MULTI.

This new version of CLOCKstep tackles the complexities of bridging Sync and Transport communication between DAWs, MIDI Devices and Modular systems. It includes connections for 24 PPQN Audio In Sync, MIDI DIN, MIDI USB, MIDI TRS, and seven 0/+5 Volt outputs commonly used with Eurorack and analog synths.

A built-in Audio Metronome on board gives musicians an accurate Click Track for monitoring tempo.


  • Internal Clock to drive MIDI, Voltage and Audio Sync Signals.
  • Follow External Clock from a Sample Accurate Audio source or MIDI.
  • MIDI DIN, TRS and USB Interfaces (including Soft Thru).
  • 3.5mm Patch Bay on Top for +5 Volt Sync (x2) and various Play/Start/Stop/Reset Gate and Trigger methods.
  • Independent Sync Trigger Rates, including Triplet Timings (non-whole value rates) for some interesting, musical results without having to change BPM or switch sequences.
  • Five (5) Transport Modes that vary how the Transport and Clock interact.
  • Tap Tempo and BPM Keypad for entering precise tempos and executing them at an exact instant. BPM Keypad can be used to view current BPM.
  • Support for BPM values that include 1 decimal point.
  • Audio Metronome Click with 16 sound options, dynamic volume settings between Quarter, 8th and 16th note, Triplet mode and Time Signatures.
  • A full MIDI Implementation for controlling all aspects of the device with external MIDI.
  • Preset Storage with instant save and recall.

Pricing and Availability:

The CLOCKstep: MULTI is available to pre-order now, with an intro price of $189 USD. Shipping is expected to begin in August.

9 thoughts on “JMK Music Pedals Intros CLOCKstep:MULTI Synchronization Hub

  1. I’ve been looking for master clock device with metronome for years, and this is so close, but no bpm display?! Don’t get it. ?

    1. You can input or read an exact BPM on the UI, but you can’t see the BPM at a glance. There will be a video out soon showing how this works and people will decide if having a BPM read out all the time is really a priority to them. In usage, I don’t miss it personally, as long as I can still read it if I need to. I understand others might not feel the same. I went back and forth deciding whether to add a display, which meant increasing the enclosure size and adding another high speed digital circuit for only that 1 reason, and ultimately decided not to. Cheers!

      1. And it’ll look really good there too I must admit, but it deserves mentioning that you are able to read the current BPM value, or set an exact one like 120.7; the BPM value is just not going to be constantly visible. If needing to look back at the BPM value is a constant priority, then I guess it is what it is. Cheers!

      1. I guess It’s a trade off, because in lieu of a constantly displayed BPM, CLOCKstep:MULTI does allow you top level access to Presets, Time Signatures, Metronome Dynamics/Subdivisions & Sync Rate, as well as re-patching of 3.5mm outs all from the top UI. But, if the biggest priority as a musician is being able to constantly look back at a BPM value that’s on a display, even though you are easily able to set and see the exact BPM down to a decimal point when you need to with CLOCKstep:MULTI, then fair enough. There are other products.

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