EMW Intros T-Sequencer Turing Machine + Quantizer For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Electronic Music Works (EMW) shared this preview of the new T-Sequencer, a Eurorack module that combines Turing Machine algorithmic sequencing and quantizer features.

The original Music Thing Modular’s Turing Machine is a module that creates clocked stepped randomly changing control voltages that can be locked into loops of repeating notes. By combining this with a quantizer, it can create random riffs that often sound very musical.

Here’s what EMW has to say about the T-Sequencer:

“Introducing the T-Sequencer module — a versatile and inspiring tool designed to ignite your musical imagination and push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

The Turing is more than just a traditional sequencer; it’s a dynamic hub for unleashing your creativity and crafting intricate musical patterns.

With its intuitive interface and innovative features, this module empowers you to create captivating sequences that evolve and surprise with every note.”

Pricing and Availability:

The EMW T-Sequencer is available now for $186 USD.

8 thoughts on “EMW Intros T-Sequencer Turing Machine + Quantizer For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

  1. Sure wish they had a user manual posted…this thing looks way interesting but would love to know if you can save sequences.

      1. Multi-function modules always have an inferior user experience, though.

        The disting module is the worst in this regard. It can do everything, but you have to remember what X, Y & Z controls represent – for 50+ different functions – in order to use it.

        With single function modules, you’re paying more to so that your experience doesn’t suck.

    1. Probably doesn’t have memory since Turing machines are based on shift registers. The lock input will probably keep the sequence from changing while high but won’t keep the sequence saved if the module is powered down.

  2. Don’t mean to be needlessly negative but seems to me EMW is being too clever for their own good with the marketing speak. “Here’s what EMW has to say about the T-Sequencer: [absolutely nothing but… it’s real good]”

    That is to say, it looks pretty interesting but I’m still not clear what it does beyond a turing sequencer.

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