New Editor For Ensoniq DP/2, DP/4 and DP/4+ Effect – DP Editor

Defective Records has introduced DP Editor, a new Mac/Windows editor for the Ensoniq DP/2, DP/4 and DP/4+ effects modules.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The Ensoniq DP series of effects has garnered legendary status over the years for its powerful algorithms, overall sound and very flexible routing capabilities. DP Editor now allows you to fully control these incredible devices from your computer.”


  • Fully supports the Ensoniq DP/2, DP/4 and DP/4+
  • Edit all effects algorithm parameters in real-time from your computer
  • Visualize signal flow from physical inputs through effects and out physical outputs, with user interface that adapts to effect configuration – one of the most important (and challenging!) aspects of the DP devices
  • Drag and Drop ROM or RAM presets onto desired place in signal path
  • Ensoniq algorithm and parameter descriptions and graphics embedded within the application, for easy recall
  • Librarian function, to store and recall presets bundles from your computer
  • All effects Units can have their windows “popped out” of the main application window, to allow for visualization of all effects and their parameters at once
  • Adjustable application size

Pricing and Availability:

DP Editor is available now for $40 USD.

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6 thoughts on “New Editor For Ensoniq DP/2, DP/4 and DP/4+ Effect – DP Editor

  1. Those are superior effects, but how many Ensoniq devices are still up & running? There are probably some that have stayed in cozy racks and lasted over time, but vintage hardware of any kind can be iffy. Its interesting to see so many labor-of-love projects aimed at keeping “mature” tools viable for a while longer. I understand the heartbreak when a treasured piece croaks in a small puff of smoke.

    1. I have a DP/2 and it still works like new. It tends to be hardware that wasn’t built particularly well in the first place that is ‘iffy’. Ensoniq built their instruments like tanks.

    2. Usually, the weakest part is the PSU, due to the capacitors which degrade over time; this is usually an easy fix. Other than that, the digital part is quite sturdy.

  2. I always wanted the dp4+. That would have great coupled with my k2500s (I didn’t have the KDfx card put in). Man, to throw the extra two stereo aux into that effects unit…

  3. A no brainer purchase for me. The DP/4 still sounds fantastic to me and gets a lot more use than the Lexicon unit in the same rack (not of the best ones, but still…never fell in love with the Lexicon sound). If you can’t find a DP/4, the ASR/X had pretty much the same FX, albeit only as a single block rather than 4 of them. Build quality on those was highly variable, the 2-line UI was painful, and the pads were noisy and annoying, but it was still a great sampler.

  4. Very cool that Ensoniq’s old flagship FX still get a lot of love.

    My EPS Sampler keyboard, and later EPS 16+ were brilliant designs. If someone would make a fully modernized version of that structure, I would be DELIGHTED. However, the originals were not very reliable on stage. Lots of crashes, some of them kind of entertaining (in hindsight).

    I can’t comment on the build quality, there seemed to have been some temperature or power supply vulnerabilities.

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