ELZ_1 play ZTRINGS Physical Modeling Strings Synth (Sneak Preview)

Sonicware shared this preview of ZTRINGS – a new physical modeling synth engine for the upcoming ELZ-1 play.

The ELZ-1 play is currently a limited edition ‘passion project’ of ELZ-1 developer Dr. Yu Endo. The original ELZ-1 went out of production because of the global semiconductor shortage. The ELZ-1 play is described as a sort of mkII version of the original, but also ‘a more novel and experimental synth.’

The ZTRINGS engine does not yet have a screen UI, but the engine has been selected for implementation on the ELZ_1p play.

ELZ_1 Play Features:

  • 14 synth engines + 26 effects
  • New 4-track looper for one-touch record/playback/overdub.
  • Velocity-enabled keyboard, stereo speakers built into the side panel, USB audio & MIDI.

Sonicware has not announced plans at this time to put the ELZ-1 play into production.

11 thoughts on “ELZ_1 play ZTRINGS Physical Modeling Strings Synth (Sneak Preview)

  1. They shouldn’t even bother building a physical keyboard into it. Just make it a MIDI module to which you can attach a keyboard controller. Who the hell can play those tiny, odd shaped “keys” on this thing, especially fast passages? It’s a wasteful additional production cost.

    1. The whole idea is portability.
      Sometimes it’s nice to get out and make music.
      And it’s not really a “wasteful additional production cost” as they’re the same keys used in their other gear so there’s no additional tooling or dies needed to be made. The only difference is that these are velocity sensitive, though I imagine that’s mainly a software thing.

        1. John dismisses new products to have the false feeling of an experienced individual,
          He repeatedly compares products and features to his prologue so he will not feel like he is missing out on something new.

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