Behringer Teases Oberheim Two-Voice Knockoff Now Ready For Production

Behringer today teased that the XM-2, a Euro format knockoff of the classic Oberheim Two Voice synthesizer, is now ready for production.

The company introduced the XM-2 in 2022 and, at the time, suggested that they thought that they could manufacture it with a $299 retail price.

The original Oberheim Two Voice keyboard synthesizer was introduced in 1975. It is a duophonic synthesizer, made up of two independent modular synth voices, and features a built-in 8-stage sequencer. Tom Oberheim released a limited-edition reissue of the original Two Voice in 2021, but demand was so high that it sold out in a day.

Like the original, the Behringer XM-2 offers two Synthesizer Expander Modules (SEM) – complete modular synth voices – along with an I/O and control section. It shrinks the design down to Eurorack format, though, and dispenses with the step sequencer.

Behringer is not saying anything about pricing or a release date for the 2-XM at this time.

Would you be interested in a Oberheim Two Voice knockoff? Share your thoughts in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Behringer Teases Oberheim Two-Voice Knockoff Now Ready For Production

  1. I like the other two synths that Beheringer announced to day, but ripping off Tom Oberheim is just a bad look.

    The guy is 87 years old and is still giving us cool new synth designs. Let him live out his life without cheapening his work.

    1. Oberheim easily could have done new production runs of these, but he doesn’t, while people want them to this day. So yeah, missed chance for Ol’ Tom if you ask me. Same as the single voice SEM units. It’s why I hope that when Tom’s dead, a company will start releasing these things into the world once again, because he for sure isn’t.

      1. agreed. these vendors could reissue old designs; but they can’t make them cheaper – their ‘traditional design methods’ won’t let them cut costs or change design styles. that, and ‘limited run vintage special editions’ are probably not worth the set up costs.

        there’s an old adage “you want the old product use the original design team. you want something different? get a new team”. old dog’s only learn new tricks when there’s a treat, new dogs will do it for fun.

        1. there’s an old adage “you want the old product use the original design team. you want something different? get a new team”.

          That’s an old adage?

  2. Yep, definitely yes. There’s no other way that the vast majority of us could get anywhere near the genuine article, and Tom & co don’t have either the capacity or the inclination to make an affordable re-issue. I have multiple genuine originals from both Oberheim and Dave Smith, and I’m good for this Behringer reproduction.

  3. I don’t know…. Is anyone making any more of the original Oberheim 2 voice? Probably not… I can see that there would be enough people who would be interested in adding something like this to their collection! I don’t buy the notion that certain synthesizers should be remain rare just to honor the designer. If it was originally a great idea, make it available!

    1. I’m hoping there is a center-point in the range of the double-function knobs, that’s my only concern on them. I don’t mind these sizes tho, i find those knobs themselves easy to use on other modules with them. I am still curious to the exact mod.wheel, midi, and cv routings though.

      1. interesting observation. previously, they’ve made circuit changes to fit designs into their parts libraries. when they can’t – as on the monopoly envelope pot – they use a functional substitute. they’re going to use run of the mill linear and audio taper pots, and moderate the change in behavior. they’re not going to have those ‘element center grounded’ pots as found on the OG schematics for VCO and filter – it will make little difference i expect.

  4. For that price (or something close), I could build an eight-voice for less than the price of a vintage SEM. I’m game. The first thing I would do though is put bigger knob caps on those tiny little ones.

    1. you’d need a ‘t18’ skirt-less chicken head to see the legends. the attack and decay timing are the most important for me on these things.

  5. A few years ago at NAMM, Tom showed a prototype of a Two Voice in Eurorack format. Many of us left the show drooling over the possibility. After Tom began working with Sequential, and then Sequential was acquired, I heard some rumblings about new Oberheim offerings… surely do wish a Two Voice in Eurorack format was to be offered by Oberheim, but this 2 XM might just be the first Behringer synth that attracts my dollars!

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