SOMA Labs Terra ‘Conceptual Touch Synthesizer’ Review

The latest Sonic Lab video offers an in-depth review of the SOMA Labs Terra synthesizer, an instrument that they describe as a “highly conceptual device”.

“The results are pretty unusual,” notes host Nick Batt, “although, you can easily tune Terra to be in key if you want to play with others.”

Topics covered:

00:00 – Start
00:30 – overview
04:06 – Sounds 1
10:44 – Loading patches
12:46 – Modifying patches
14:06 – Transpose Buttons
19:26 – Drum patch
20:35 – Algorithms
25:13 – Arpeggiator
26:48 – Playing Terra
30:27 – Midi Control
33:40 – Conclusion

Check out the SOMA Terra review and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

12 thoughts on “SOMA Labs Terra ‘Conceptual Touch Synthesizer’ Review

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    2. This is part of Soma’s official statement still up on Facebook. “We are against all forms of aggression. We are against the wars, We are against THIS war too!”

      Do you have proof that they are in support for the war? Like them specifically saying they are for the war? Cause their statement say otherwise.

    3. Synthtopia has close ties with Russia. I would be deeply ashamed to read, own or touch anything from this company.

      See, I can also make a completely false statement without anything to back it up. I wonder why Synthtopia allows these kind of posts.

    4. I suppose you boycotted Moog during the Iraq war too?
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  1. This was by far the most fun instrument I got to play with at SuperBooth – you’re never quite sure what it’s doing but it’s always on the verge of sounding awesome!

  2. Played it at Superboth and it was fun and quite interesting

    But for €1600 I found myself thinking that it doesn’t do very much

  3. If Sonicstate is openly against Russia’s war and pro Ukraine from day one why would you assume SOMA is supporter for Putin’s war!? They sponsored Sonicstate during superbooth. They also have family living in Russia. Think with your brain people. SOMA is clearly anti Russia’s war but they can’t be too open about it cause Russia is a country where you could disappear just for sharing an opinion.

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