IK Multimedia Intros Paraphonic, Dual-Filter, Analog UNO Synth PRO X Synthesizer

IK Multimedia today introduced the UNO Synth PRO X, a new paraphonic, dual-filter analog synthesizer that they say “takes the UNO line to new dimensions of sound design, control and portability.”

The UNO Synth PRO X takes the UNO concept to a new level. The portable synth features a dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design, 256 presets, a 64-step sequencer and more.

Other key features include true-analog overdrive and 10 studio-quality effects (including a new shimmer reverb and uni-vibe-like modulations) in three simultaneous slots: modulation, delay and reverb. External signals can be also routed through the filters and the effects, in addition to UNO’s original thru-put for daisy-chaining multiple units together without using a mixer.

Sequencing and Performance Options:

The UNO Synth PRO X offers a 64-step paraphonic sequencer, with parameter automation, including CV and Gate. It has step and real-time recording, with a sequence randomizer (following the scale selected). The UNO Synth PRO X also features a 10- mode arpeggiator with pattern designer.

In addition to legato, mono and paraphonic modes, users will find a new Bassline mode which modifies the behavior and interaction between core parts of the synth like the filter and envelopes.

The UNO Synth PRO X features over 30 hands-on controls plus a 16-slot modulation matrix.

UNO Synth PRO X stores 256 user-editable presets. Presets can be further managed with the included Editor/Librarian. The Editor works as both a standalone application and as a plug-in inside a DAW allowing users to program and play the UNO Synth PRO X just like a virtual instrument.

Connectivity includes USB-C and 5-pin DIN MIDI In and Out, making it easy to integrate with other synths and Mac/PC, while assignable CV/Gate connections let UNO Synth PRO X interact with Eurorack or other modular systems.

Here’s a roundup of early Youtube demos and reviews:

Pricing and Availability:

The UNO Synth PRO X is available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide for $/€499.99.

28 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Intros Paraphonic, Dual-Filter, Analog UNO Synth PRO X Synthesizer

  1. Wow. It looks like IK has packed a lot of capability into a compact package. Their panel design is getting better as time passes, too.

  2. its the best form factor so far

    but im thinking the synth market might have moved on a bit from monophonic desktop analogs…. of course the market is still quite large – just not as huge as it used to be

  3. When you go to install the software or editor for the hardware synth on your computer it’ll probably force you to download and install 9GB of stuff you don’t want, just like the rest of their software.

      1. Software is usually transferrable in the EU, but samples are not. This person seems to ask for a transfer of ownership of samples, which IK apparently excludes in their EULA (as do virtually all companies due to the way copyright works in regards to recorded audio). Chances are that IK Multimedia has licensed these samples from the original owner and is not allowed to transfer them to anyone else than the original buyer. I agree this is frustrating, but I don’t assume this particular case is exemplary for their second hand policy in general.

          1. I had to supply registration number (which was on a paper inside the nearly tossed box), and the receipt to IKMultimedia. To download a driver for my piece of hardware. A usb driver!

    1. “This cannot be resold as it will be left unsupported unless it is the original owner”

      No this is not true. you get support no matter where you buy it from.

  4. When the price drops to the more sensible price of the original UNO Pro (about 40% less) this will be a good deal- You can get the original UNO PRO for under £215 so this has a heavy ‘ its new’ premium for what is essential the same synth engine in a box.

    1. yeah I got the pro dekstop when it was on sale for $160 – it sounds great and totally worth it for that. Going to keep my eye on this for when the price drops.

  5. Woner what the letters “IK” in IK Multimedia stand for ??

    Initial UNO synth was a laugh, sound and interface wise, but at least they prooved concept.
    UNO Pro, the sound was amazing but the interface still very cumbersome.
    UNO Pro X, a full-fledged Sythesizer – they made it!

    Nice success story!
    – hoping for the release of an UNO Pro X with Keys.

    1. One upon a time this was not expensive at all. Now people compare to Behringer and complain about the price. IK must be furious at them for screwing up the market

    2. – 3 OSC’s with wave morphing, 
      – 2 Filters – OTA and SSI,
      – 3 loopable and retrigger envelopes, 
      – 3 voices paraphonic,
      – 16 slots matrix with 30 sources and 30 destinations. 
      – 3 separated effect processors with 12 effects to choose from each,
      – Separate analog drive,
      – Advanced paraphonic 64-step sequencer
      – Arp with 10 modes,
      – Fully digitally controlled,
      – Analog Input that can run true all this, Stereo Out, Headphone out, CV/GATE In/Out
      – Free editor for PC/MAC and healthy documentation…

      Can you name something remotely similar for that price?

      1. Nice list to show that this synth rly is a full featured package!

        + The UNO Pro X stereo out is balanced! (some very expensive synths outputs are not.)

  6. Unless i am missing something, they’ve ditched the modulation matrix. Also i don’t see lfo’s to be metioned anywhere..They’ve added the fx though and more controls, but that is not really an upgrade in my book, but rather a different product.

    1. you missed it – the mod matrix is there – utilizing source destination and amount buttons (similar to sequential synths).

  7. It’s not that IK are flogging this basic synth for all it’s worth but I hear the next version is the Uno Synth Pro Camping. It folds into a handy pouch, comes with a kerosene lamp but the awning is an optional extra.

  8. Just picked up the now-‘previous’ desktop model in black, love it! Very sleek and lots of utility. The interface on that is very Waldorf MicroWave/Pulse et al-like, no worries here:) Great to see knobs, I wouldn’t re-buy it solely for that. I second the motion for a Pro X with keys, and for a polyphonic instrument also…

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