Jean-Michel Jarre x Nina Kraviz – Sex In The Machine

Jean-Michel Jarre shared the music video to his collaboration with Nina Kraviz, Sex In The Machine Take 2.

The track comes from Jarre’s 2022 album Oxymore. The remix injects Kraviz’s style, pushing Jarre’s Sex In The Machine into more hypnotic and atmospheric territory.

Video by Eric BDFCK Cornic


17 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre x Nina Kraviz – Sex In The Machine

    1. @John.
      It’s because you still below a padawan.
      You’d need to be at the level of Yoda to comprehend what Jarre does with Synths.
      Hans Zimmer reveres Jarre.
      Eno, Moroder, Edgar Froese, Gary Numan, Martin Gore hold Jarre in the highest esteem.

      1. no, it’s because he’s boring. but you can like him and those other guys; i have no problem with that.

        i prefer real composers; Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Revel, and Debussy to name a few.

  1. I listed to the Trent and Atticus OST tracks.
    This Jarre with Nina is more subtle, more nuanced, with a more intricate sound design.

  2. agree with others here. this shit is WHACK lol. The original had some mild flavor, at least some cool sound design, but this shit sounds like a demo loop for some shitty trap sample pack. Zero groove, boring ass arrangement, shit sound design, basic ass mix.

    Wanna be “The Spell – Burial Mix” ass fools .

    1. What’s with the Fing Trap beats that’s even on some Country music songs.

      The Original Oxymore album has sound design beyond mere mortals.

  3. B*atches posting on Synthtopia b*itching.
    What’s new.
    Jarre is balls deep in their brain.

    Hey nut huggers of xyz musicians
    Just go sick them off.

  4. You will note only those persons that have done Zero next to Zero creativity of any worth in their life go round dissing others.
    It’s a cancer inside of themselves.

    1. It seems you have been hurt in your tastes. You shouldn’t take it too personnaly though, it’s only music and everyone is legitimately entitled not to like it.

  5. Lol what do you people expect. The guy is 75 years old. Do you really expect him to constantly release ground-breaking audiovisual experiences for more than half a century?

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