Spitfire Audio Intros Jupiter By Trevor Horn, A New Sound Library Featuring The Producer’s Classic Sounds

Spitfire Audio has introduced Jupiter by Trevor Horn, a collection of drums, basses, synths, piano and FX, that they say captures the production style and sounds of pioneering superproducer Trevor Horn.

Trevor Horn

Trevor Horn is a legend in the music industry. After forming The Buggles and recording the chart topping 1979 hit Video Killed the Radio Star, Horn went on to produce some of the most recognizable hits of the Eighties, including ABC’s Look of Love, Yes’s Owner of a Lonely Heart, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax.

Horn went on to produce hits for Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, Cher, 10cc, John Legend, Lisa Stansfield, Grace Jones, Seal and many others.


  • Synths — A collection of curated synth presets, straight from Trevor’s archives, accompanied by sounds created by the Spitfire Audio team
  • FX — A selection of stingers, perfect for making iconic transitions
  • Drums — Access Trevor Horns private sample archives, from vintage drum machines, to tape saturated percussion hits
  • Bass — A series of basses from Trevor Horn’s personal collection, recorded in his studio, utilizing techniques made famous through his career as a producer and performer
  • Piano — A Bosendorfer Grand Piano, recorded in Trevor’s studio with a bright, pristine and unmistakably pop sound

Pricing and Availability:

Jupiter by Trevor Horn is available now for $129 USD.

14 thoughts on “Spitfire Audio Intros Jupiter By Trevor Horn, A New Sound Library Featuring The Producer’s Classic Sounds

    1. It wasn’t politics

      He basically said trans people were autistic

      Not to mention he’s pals with Graham Linehan

      Anyhow in a world where physical modelling is making great sounding instruments, large orchestral sample libraries are overpriced, cumbersome and expressively limited

      1. Henson never Tweeted any such thing. He Tweeted his support for the rights of the two fellow Brits, author JK Rowling and comedian Graham Linehan, to be entitled to voice their opinions. Neither Rowling nor Linehan are transphobic, and Spitfire should be ashamed of themselves for their actions against Henson. I will never purchase another Spitfire product and will cease using LABS. Yes, this was political! If Spitfire was a US company, Henson would easily win any suit he brought against them for unlawful termination. Henson’s argument was about cancel culture. The portion of his Tweet that mentioned “autism” had nothing to do with trans people. He used the word suggesting that cancel culture was likely to have an effect in the future on “normal” children, but that it has already has severe effects on autistic kids. It was ironic that his defense of two fellow media creators led to his own cancel culture firing.

        1. as an transgender person (autistic, too!) i feel very comfortable saying rowling and linehan are transphobic and that anyone who defends them is as well, but if you wish to use different language then one could say they “have a habit of demonizing transgender people and ascribing attitudes and behavior to them as a group without basis in fact”. rowling, linehan, and henson are all, as you say, entitled to voice their opinions… just as we are entitled to respond with disgust with those opinions. spitfire can handle the resulting situation as they see fit, within the local laws.

          but yes, vote with your dollar if you disagree with how that situation was handled.

        2. Agree with your assessment of the situation. However, would just like to point out that Graham Linehan is not ‘a brit’.

      1. Some are out there thinking Spitfire hates transgenders. It doesn’t matter to them that Spitfire actually works with transgenders. Facts do not matter to these people.

  1. Its hard to imagine any company doesn’t have its rotten eggs, but spewing such stuff on Twitter/X is a sure way to get sacked for it. I have several Spitfire instruments. I find them useful and stable. Its almost like the budget version of VSL. Don’t deny yourself good tools just because one person made a bad showing.

    Physical modeling wows me, too, but I’m willing to take the load of sampled goods as part of my rig for the small, organic intonations of the original players. That’s the main thing PM lacks. Some say it sounds too sterile, but I like the precision.

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