Native Instruments Releases Music Production Suite 6

Native Instruments today announced Music Production Suite 6, a collection that includes more than 30 plugins across NI, iZotope, and Brainworx product lines, including new versions of Ozone, Nectar, and Guitar Rig.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Music Production Suite 6 leverages AI-powered processing to provide a customized starting point for every step of the creative journey, from balancing levels and effects to the final mastering polish. For example, quickly analyze and tone-match the sound of your favorite vocalist using Nectar 4’s Vocal Assistant. Or capture the sound of your favorite track with Ozone 11’s Mastering Assistant and
receive suggested settings for width, dynamics, loudness, and more.

Inter-plugin communication streamlines workflows throughout the mixing process, allowing iZotope plugins to listen to each other to detect masking between tracks and vocals, suggest level balance settings, mix tracks visually, reference audio from any source, and much more.”


  • Ozone 11 Advanced offers powerful new enhancements to provide a comprehensive mastering toolkit for artists and audio professionals alike.
  • Nectar 4 makes it easier than ever to achieve professional-quality vocals with a suite of plugins that provide complete control over vocal sound.
  • Guitar Rig 7 Pro is a creative effects playground packed with sought-after guitar
    and bass amps, studio effects, and pedals.
  • Additional plugins include:
    • Neutron 4: A complete suite for crafting professional mixes
    • RX 10 Standard: The industry standard in audio repair
    • Neoverb: The smartest reverb plugin for music producers
    • Tonal Balance Control 2: A powerful meter for balancing a mix
    • Insight 2 An intelligent metering suite for mixing, mastering, and post production
    • VocalSynth 2 Innovative effects for creative vocals
    • Audiolens: Easy track referencing from any music streaming platform
    • Exponential Audio Immersive Reverbs: Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D
    • Brainworx Creative Mixing Set: Bx_delay 2500, Bx_boom!, Bx_subsynth, Bx cleansweep pro, Bx_refinement, Bx_saturator V2
    • Native Instruments effects: Raum, Crushpack, Modpack, Supercharger GT, Replika XT, Solid Mix Series, Transient Master, Driver

Pricing and Availability:

Music Production Suite 6 and the new flagship applications are available now, with intro pricing through October 11, 2023:

  • Music Production Suite 6 $449 USD introductory $599 USD regular)
  • Ozone 11 Advanced: $299 USD introductory $399 USD regular)
  • Ozone 11 Standard: $149 USD introductory $199 USD regular)
  • Ozone 11 Elements: $39 USD introductory $49 USD regular)
  • Nectar 4 Advanced: $224 USD introductory $299 USD regular)
  • Nectar 4 Standard: $149 USD introductory $199 USD regular)
  • Nectar 4 Elements: $39 USD introductory $49 USD regular)
  • Guitar Rig 7 Pro $199 USD

20 thoughts on “Native Instruments Releases Music Production Suite 6

  1. the state of NI is so depressing lol. to see the same old devices continually rebundled and sold by continually watered-down brands is kind of heartbreaking given how importan and influential they once were. at least the sound quality is there with most of these offerings.

  2. They don’t seem to be offering anything beyond the typical package you’d already get in any DAW. NI have some phenomenal products – I still love my Absynth and FM8 , but I’d just wait for Ozone to go on sale and ditch the rest of the clutter.

  3. IDK, it sounds like a decent production package not unlike their Komplete offering but leaning more towards mixing etc. than sound library content. It makes sense, and they have options at several price points.

  4. 1. iZotope Product Portal is a total mess and it is beyond my understanding how any company can release such a “product”. reCaptcha does not properly resolve in Ventura and trying multipe times results in no longer being able to use the portal. Great, not!

    2. A while back, I was reading a lot of Waves bashing here due to the costs of WUP. But hey, iZotope charges around 240 EUR only 8 months after I have spent 200 EUR on the last update. Ain´t that cool?

  5. NI has always offered some great instruments, but the sheer *friction* of trying to interact with the company sent me elsewhere ages ago. The world of music software is quite varied. You don’t have to patronize businesses that make you jump through a hoop, right into a brick wall. Too many treat you like a disrespected part-time employee. I use a lot of tools from those who make things simple & direct, such as Cherry Audio and Applied Acoustics Systems. They’re basically plug-&-play.

  6. NI: quantity over quality…
    Kontakt is a ruin, the rest too.
    I have none of their bloated aging crap anymore and I regret nothing.

  7. i think all their products are great, it has just become so overwhelming the amount of offerings they have when combined with iZotope and the other brand, then you start to have all these various bundle combinations and that is when i check out, it’s too much info to take in, to figure out what product is in what bundle. i stick to the products i’ve always use from NI and iZotope but pretty much ignore the thousands of promotions they do.

  8. while the new Ozone and nectar offer some great additions, the upgrade path is a slap in the face. Ive been a customer with them for years, and im expected to pay 240$ for a few minor upgrades. Hard pass, never looking back.

  9. I’ve always had a little extra sympathy and benefit-of-the-doubt for people in the software game. It is an intense challenge to keep up with platform, hardware, and OS changes. Some companies don’t make it look easy (NI, MOTU, Avid, etc.)

    NI hasn’t done themselves any big favors by retiring a beloved synth, killing off support for older computers (in a kind of nasty manner), and having so much slop in their current user experience.

    Having looked around for reasonable sampler alternatives, I’m sticking with Kontakt, but will wait for a sale to upgrade from 6 to 7.

  10. It sad to see how far NI has fallen, so much so that they come up with this pointless offering. I remember the day when they were the cutting edge of audio software development, I have been with them the whole way through. As their focus has shifted off the ball they have fallen behind and talent has slowly left the company. I think this is NI’s last gasp.

  11. If only there was a way to take a baseball bat and knock all of the juicy Kontakt-only content into a more friendly format or three….

  12. Why all of the complaining? $450 for a comprehensive mixing and mastering set is a great deal. It’s not fair for Synthtopia to announce this as a NI product, as it gives the impression that this product is supposed to compete with Komplete. MPS 6 is clearly an update to an existing product being offered by iZotope, which no one seemed to have a problem about for the previous five generations. The embedded video is even from iZotope’s YouTube channel.

    1. Hopefully it’s “fair” for us to state facts. NI announced this in June:

      “iZotope, Brainworx, and Plugin Alliance are becoming part of Native Instruments. The company says that the move will help create a seamless and consistent experience for customers that use Native Instruments, iZotope, and Brainworx products.”

      1. If you are going to reference something at least check that it supports what your are trying to say. The article is completely tangential.

        The article essentially says that NI they are abandoning the ‘Soundwire’ parent company and restructuring so that iZotope, Brainworks and Plugin Alliance are now sub brands of NI.

        How exactly does this *negatively* impact iZotope releasing an update to an existing package? And, why is NI receiving backlash for what is a very consumer friendly price cut to iZotope’s Music Production Suit?

    2. I personally am complaining, because i already own almost everything on the Music Production Suite, and have a 240$ upgrade path… Thats terrible customer loyalty. I have bought Ozone and Nectar numerous times at this point, its total BS. So i have to pay this 240$, and get NI guitar rig thrown in ?!?! ( first of all, it sucks, secondly i dont need it!)

      1. But, how was this impacted by MPS6? iZotope’s pricing for crossgrading has remained consistent. The addition of GR has nothing to do with the pricing.

        For 240 you would still get, upgrades to the latest versions, and a lot of other software. It’s up to you to decide if that is an appropriate price to pay.

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