Tone2 Gladiator 4 Brings New Features, Higher Sound Quality & More

Tone2 has released Gladiator 4.0, an update that brings new features, higher sound quality, performance improvements and more.

New features in Gladiator 4 include:

  • GUI with 14 different sizes (with and without parameter-editor).
  • Native support for WQHD, 4K, 5K and 8K UHD displays.
  • Support for hardware-acceleration.
  • Now all parameters can be automated in all DAWs.
  • The current HCM morph-position is shown with a vertical line.
  • The mousewheel can be used to quick-select patches.
  • It is now possible to export waveforms or wavetables on PC and Mac as a .wav file.
  • Arpeggiator-position is shown in the GUI.
  • “Ultrasharp graphics”, with enhanced HiDpi and Retina Display support.
  • GUI can be scaled from 66% up to 200% by clicking in the lower right corner.
  • Automatic detection of the ideal GUI size.


  • New synthesis method (HCM)
  • Different synthesis methods can be combined freely
  • 40 filter types and 37 effects are included
  • You can select from 14 different interface sizes
  • Native support for Retina, WQHD, 4K, 5K and 8K UHD displays
  • Psychoacoustic processing
  • Low CPU and high reliability
  • Over 1200 presets
  • Context-sensitive tooltips and handbook in 5 languages

Audio demos are available at the Tone2 site.

Pricing and Availability:

Gladiator 4 is available now for €149 / $169. Gladiator 1 and 2 and 3 owners are able to upgrade to v4.x with a discount (€39 or $39).

3 thoughts on “Tone2 Gladiator 4 Brings New Features, Higher Sound Quality & More

  1. Does this mean they finally got this synth to work correctly in Logic X on Apple Mx computers? Gladiator 3 has been nothing but trouble.

  2. i completely forgot about this synth. It sounded really good to me back in the day, going to pull it up for a test run, and see if my memory serves me correctly.

  3. I used to love using Tone 2 VSTs, but with all respect to Markus, I really feel like their instruments are largely out of touch with the state of modern EDM. With synths like Vital and Surge available for free, why would I pay $149 for 10+ year old instrument? That’s more than what I spent on Pigments. The instruments really just seem like a relic of the bygone Trance era, and I would love to see a modern instrument, built from the ground up with modern sound design practices in mind.

    Sorry if this comes across as a troll post but, I have so much respect for the impact Markus’ instruments had back in the day, and it is sad to see the current state of Tone 2’s catalog.

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