Inside The Eboardmuseum, “The World’s Largest Synth Museum”

Bad Gear host Florian Pilz decided take a week off, and met up with Gaz Williams to take a visit to the ‘mind-blowing’ Eboardmuseum, in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Video Summary:

The EBOARDMUSEUM is probably the biggest synth museum in the world and contains rare exhibits ranging from the very first Minimoog (Serial 1001) to all kinds of synthesizer classics like the Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter-8, instruments used by famous artists like Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream and The Grateful Dead, various string machines, vintage modular synthesizers and an absolutely incredible collection of organs including the very first Hammond organ from 1935.

See the museum site for more information on the Eboardmuseum.

3 thoughts on “Inside The Eboardmuseum, “The World’s Largest Synth Museum”

  1. Mmm, major Gear Porn! It feels a bit like a waste, because few people will really know what they’re seeing. It would also cause a feeding frenzy on Reverb. Still, it’d be great fun if you could bring along a mini-recorder and randomly sample the bleep out of it. Funny how that original Fairlight feels steampunk-y now. Great tour video.

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