Arturia PolyBrute v3.0 Update Now Available – Here’s What’s New

Arturia has introduced PolyBrute firmware v3.0, a free update that delivers new features and more.

In this PolyBrute 3.0 overview video, Matt Pike gives you a guided tour of the new creative features, sonic enhancements, and useful fixes arriving with PolyBrute’s firmware 3.0, including built-in distortion, new tuning options and more.

See the Arturia site for details on the PolyBrute 3.0 update.

7 thoughts on “Arturia PolyBrute v3.0 Update Now Available – Here’s What’s New

  1. The distortions are awesome. Can make this thing really growl now. Wish it had some sort of compression at the end of the chain but ill take what I can get.

  2. This is great news. The best keeps getting better. If you have the money, get one of these before shelling out a ton of cash for a vintage poly analog. See if this meets your needs first. The deeper you dig, the more incredible they become. Cheers to Arturia for a surprise update to what already felt like a complete and powerful instrument.

    1. A great point. They addressed this in one of the early Q&A sessions they did online. The designers felt that to achieve everything they wanted to technically (the voices are complex), as well as taking cost, stability and weight (it’s like Memorymoog heavy) into consideration, they felt that it had to be a six voice synth. On the plus side, I can say that it handles voice stealing in a musical way. I’m happy with mine in every aspect except the feel of the keybed.

      1. I’m happy with mine down to the keybed, the only thing that kind of bothers me from time to time is the guilt that comes with having such a fine piece in the studio unused while i spend time with the family, save animals or do charity work.

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