Eventide H9000 Now Supports RNBO Patch Import

Eventide has announced a cooperative project with Cycling ’74 that lets Max programmers to use the RNBO environment to create patches for Eventide’s flagship H9000 multi-effects processor.

Cycling ’74 RNBO (pronounced ‘rainbow’) is a ‘what you hear is what you get’ patching environment that lets you use a visual editor to create audio patches that can be exported to create web experiences, hardware music devices, audio plugins, and more.

Now you can use Max/RNBO to create custom effects for the H9000.

With the addition of RNBO support, Eventide H9000 owners can develop and run new effects of their own creation on the H9000.

“Bringing RNBO to Eventide’s H9000 offers our users the ability to deploy their personal creations to an incredible DSP engine, alongside a wealth of existing effects,” says Cycling 74 CEO David Zicarelli. “We’re excited to introduce this option for RNBO users seeking the ultimate hardware platform for code export.”

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9 thoughts on “Eventide H9000 Now Supports RNBO Patch Import

  1. Very cool. Good job C74. It’s been a blast building nutty VSTs and RPi FX chains with RNBO. Wonder where it’ll go next. Won’t be able to afford H9000 until ~2034 though ?

    RNBO would really benefit from some kind of WYSIWYG GUI editor. I’m not sure many people will adopt it if they don”t already have some C++ experience. It is dead easy to build VSTs but the default GUI leaves a lot to be desired, and with the ProJucer GUI editor being deprecated there aren’t many options unless you’re willing to go deep. Same goes for the RPi GUI but that should be easier since it’s JS and CSS, I think?

  2. I love my Eventide stuff but Pure Data is way ahead and has been running on headless Raspberry Pis for years. With Pisound you can get pristine quality at a fraction of the price.

  3. I have the H9000 and are a bit disappointed with it. it conserns the ease of edit possiblities, many of the effects sounds the same, (but they do sound great). reverbs are ok. the effects can be done in vst(i), although how many at once, and sound quality, depends on your cpu. I would have ditched it if this news wasnt announced.
    and why – compared to other editors vsig is a mess, and still crash even today with latest updates. many of the effects are actually in mono if you look in vsig
    many of the effects cant be edited in vsig, some say its because they protect their software, but
    nonsense they can see all that in Reaktor 6 and others -at that price, everything should have been laid out from start…where are the competitors… “Roland R9000”..that wil never happen
    there are not so many presets in H9000, you are left on your own just a “bunch” of the same knobs that looks the same.
    not possible to use only usb i/o – 2 usb channels (stereo)

    no doubt that H9000 IS a great machine in terms of hardware!!! but its like eventide published it, regarding software potentials, a bit to fast. missing a “how to”, like in Reaper on youtube, so I hope RNBO will make the difference that i want to keep it

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